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We have had a preliminary notice that the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists in England will be holding a One-Day Convention on Saturday, October 2nd., at the Ansteys Manor Hotel, Torquay.

Maurice Hurling writes that he has already been assured of a good attendance, and amongst other things, such as a Dinner and Cabaret there will be an exhibition of Vent. Dolls, Heads, Novelties. Books and Scripts.

Those Ventriloquists who are keen on their art may like to attend, and if so they should contact Maurice Hurling who is organising from his address at 229, Babbacombe Road, Torquay, Devon.

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Dear Editor,

A brief line to you in connection with the 'Singleton' wheeze mentioned in the current "Magic Magazine". As I could find no logical reason why a misdeal should effect the result one way or the other, I tried straight dealing and found that single dealing produced singletons just as infallibly.

Now for an idea for its practical use. After some thought-reading effect with cards, say to the spectator whose thoughts you have read:—"Your mind seems to be attuned to this sort of thing, and I am beginning to wonder if you could have any connection with a dream I had last night. I dreamed that a young lady (or gentleman, as the case may be) shuffled a pack of cards and then dealt four whist hands. She (or he) then picked up one hand, looked at the cards and said 'How amazing! Only one card of that suit in this hand!' She (or he) didn't say which suit it was and though I think it was the third hand picked up, I can't remember accurately. I wonder if you would try an experiment when you get home, please? Just shuffle a pack of cards and deal out four hands. I don't suppose there will be one hand with only one card of a suit in it—the odds are terrifically against it, BUT IF THERE SHOULD HAPPEN TO BE A SINGLETON IN ONE OF THE HANDS, please drop me a line and let me know".

I have tried this out in an informal gathering and, put over seriously, so that people really do think you've dreamed it all, it creates quite a stir. It seems to me that, for the semi-pro., it has the makings of a good publicity stunt for Club Shows, Masonics, etc., where the audience all know each other and will check up afterwards to see if 'Old Charlie' did discover a Singleton. It would also provide a good excuse for handing out your card, so they can drop you that line, and should get you talked about. If you care to mention my suggestion, please do so.



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On the outbreak of war Freddie played for E.N.S.A., the American Red Cross and U.S.O Camp Shows, his magical act was seen at every Naval, Army and Air Force Camp and Depot in Great Britain. In 1941 Freddie joined the R.A.F. and after two years service was invalided out—he was then booked for a Revue at London's Whitehall Theatre and since then has steadily established his act as one of the most popular in Variety, playing all the No. 1 theatres in Great Britain and also performed in Egypt, Scandinavia, Malta, North Africa. Germany, Austria and Holland. Freddie was especially chosen to accompany Grade Fields to Austria and Trieste last year entertaining the British Forces He has not however, entirely neglected the cabaret field having played the Ambassadors Club, Copenhagen and very recently the Pigalle, Piccadilly.

His angle on magic is to make it almost secondary to amusing talk, banter and cross gags with his lady partner. He was possibly the first English artiste of his kind to utilise an assistant as an integral part of the act. He quite frankly says he is not a magician for magicians, and we should say his success in show business is due to using magic as a handmaid to entertainment, and giving pace and point to presentation and always being aware that he has to compete with other artistes on the bill who are normally first rate exponents of their ,own particular media, whether they be acrobats, comedians or jugglers. We realize when talking to him that he gives especial thought to detail, such as lighting, tab cues, music, the colour of tabs and props and knowing by experience that the reaction of two houses are rarely alike and adapting his timing and delivery accordingly. Incidentally, it is said in theatrical circles that he is one of its best dressed men!

We asked Freddie if he could give us a trick to publish in this issue—he said, he wasn't capable of supplying a trick to impress magicians but he could offer a suggestion to non-professionals who perform publicly—go to all the Technicolor film musicals and theatre revues, and also watch the top flight comics in variety, for here one sees the essence of popular entertainment—realize that here is the work of people who know their business and much can be learnt.

His hobbies and interests include Photography, Interior Decorating, Table Tennis and Horse-riding. From all the foregoing some amateurs will have the answer to what it takes to learn to be a good and successful professional magician these days!

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