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Here is an effect which could be incorporated with advantage in certain type of entertainment. There are times when it adds on to the fun of the proceedings when borrowed articles are used for tricks. When the article loaned is seemingly destroyed, hilarity increases and the look of anxious concern on the face of the owner precipitates the situation further.

However, here is an example of such an effect which I used on and off during the war years. A lady's ring and a note borrowed from a gentleman form the core around which our plot is woven. Here is the description of the effect about to be explained.

The performer calls for a lady's ring which he proposes to use for his next experiment. When some lady proffers her property the magician states that as he does not wish to assume responsibility he will ask some gentleman to bring the ring up onto the stage. When the gentleman arrives with the ring, the magician asks him to lend a note of any denomination. The note when produced is initialled by the owner, and he is then told to wrap it round the ring. "In this way" remarks the magician, "if the ring should get mislaid by accident during the course of the experiment, alf we have to do is to look for the initialled note to locate the ring."

At this point the magician introduces a bandana handkerchief. The gentleman is asked to drop the wrapped ring in the centre of the handkerchief as the four corners are held together in the form of a bag. A rubber band is now placed around the form of the wrapped ring from over the handkerchief and left in charge of the custodian.

The magician continues to explain that after all he cannot escape liability should anything happen to the ring, because although the gentleman is in charge of it, the lady only parted with her property on the assumption that the onus lies with him. In order to straighten out matters the magician exhibits a signed open cheque which he places inside a small paper sack. The mouth of the sack is screwed and with a length of ribbon it is suspended around the neck of the assistant.

The magician now claims that he is about to demonstrate the magic of the future. A wand is handed to the gentleman with the in

struction that he tap the ring and it will disappear from within its prison and alight on whichever finger the lady owner wishes. The gentleman follows the performer's bidding but the form of the ring is still much in evidence and when the lady is asked if the ring has arrived she replies in the negative. The magician now asks the assistant to wave the wand twice over the ring and that would make it go As soon as the gentfeman takes the wand it collapses in his hand.

In order to speed matters a hammer is now brought out and the ring given several hard taps until it becomes obvious that it is badly damaged. The assistant is now asked to feel from over the handkerchief to make sure that the ring is still there. When asked to verify he states that the ring is now in little bits, at least that's the impression he gathers by sense of touch.

According to the acting ability of the performer, the comedy situation develops deeper when the bfame is put on the assistant for hitting too hard, ere. In order to remedy the defects the rubber band is slipped off the handkerchief and when the latter is stretched between the hands no vestige of either the ring or the note could be found. They appear to have vanished completely.

The magician now explains that after all he will have to compensate the lady for the loss of her ring. Since the gentleman's note was initialled it could be traced quite easily should ir ever turn up again. The paper sack that was in suspension around the assistant's neck is burst and a lady's stocking stretches our its full length. The ribbon around the neck of the bag is untied by the volunteer who is asked to reach into the stocking and right down at the toe end he recovers both the lady's ring and the gentleman's initalled note. These are returned to the respective owners with the magician's grateful thanks.

Working Secret- and Presentation:— Although rhe effect is described with a ring and note one can easily substitute a watch for the ring if he so chooses. The necessary requisites for this effect are a paper sack, a lady's nylon stocking, a length of ribbon, a walnut and what is known as a devil's handkerchief. The last is made up of two handkerchiefs stitched together around the border. A small opening is left at one end. Through this the walnut is slipped in between the double handkerchief. (Your dealer can supply this, of course). This is placed on a table or chair.

The stocking is lowered into rhe paper sack. The open end of the stocking is pinned at one point to the side of the sack as shown in the illustration. The reason of pinning the stocking to the side of sack will soon become evident.

You are now set. You begin by calling for a lady's finger ring. When one is offered you say you would like some gentleman to bring it up. When he arrives, it is but natural that he will extend his hand with ring towards you. You remark here that you do not wish to touch it at ail. You feel that you do not wish to assume responsibility. Ask the gentleman for a note. If he has one well and good, otherwise he is to borrow one from the audience. Whichever the case, the note in either event is to be initialled by the owner and then it is to be wrapped around the ring into a loose ball.

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