How To Do Card Fanning

A splendid booklet giving moves and methods as used by the professionals. Fully illustrated price 3/6



We have secured the Sole Rights to make this from the Late Arnold de Biere, mechanic and inventor, Mr. Martin.

it's Sensational ! !

Most magicians must have felt at some time or another that performing magic would be so much easier if only one had a little help that was rea'ly 'out of this wor>d'. A spirit guide for example, who wouid do your bidding, or an unseen hand which would perform your mirac!es for you !

Am I right? You have fe!t like this? We too have had the same feeling when making your apparatus, and for that reason have striven always to enable you to achieve the ultimate impossibi.ity. To that end we are now able to make a dream come true . . • and bring you an 'invisible assistant'.

Yes, we really mean this- A slave to do your bidding . . . secretly . . • silently . . . convn* and going to your mental command! Available instantly at anytime in your show-Immed.ately ready to work mirac'es for you if you are suddenly challenged at close quarters to 'show us a trick'. Remember, more magical reputations are lost by a weakness at close up work, than ever are lost on the stage.

The Spirit Guide is not a trick. It is a principle which enables you to work tricks • . . baK tricks, card tricks, paper tearing tricks, treasury note tricks, cigarette tricks, coin tricks, silk tricks, appearing tricks, vanishing tricks, etc. etc.; ad lib. ad infinitum, ad nauseum !

Never has anything been offered to the magical fraternity at large, anytime, anywhere, which can compare to this device- Designed by one of the World's Master Mechanics, we have been exceedingly fortunate in obtaining SOLE RIGHTS to offer this to you. This is not exactly a new invention but is something that has been we>l used by the very few, and has passed 'the test of time', with some of the World's leading magicians. Hitherto jealously guarded, these pieces of apparatus have passed, at high cost, from one professional to another, and have never before been offered in the magical market.

This is your chance to get a step higher on the ladder to bigger money in the magical fie'd to work miracles that will make even agents s't up in their chairs and gasp, and audiences acknowledge with real enthusiasm.

Yes it's a piece of apparatus, and it actually works for you, in the self same manner as a real spirit would . • . if he could! It puts things into your hands, it takes things away from your hands, it exchanges one thing for something e se, it makes a concrete item appear to dissolve literally into thin air, or another to materialise at the fingertips. All this., bear in mind, whilst your hands are held in front of your body, quite openly. No movement, no reaching, no misdirection, no fumbling-

S'im, streamlined, unseen, quite mechanical. Affords no inconvenience at any time BeautifuKy made, and marvellously ingenious.

If you consider limiting your expenditure on magic in any way this coming season, consider first that only Max Andrews can

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