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When the secret of the ATOM bomb was disclosed and publicised after the vast havoc it caused in Hiroshima, I was quick enough to capitalise on its news value. That was over seven years ago. I formulated an Act using Atomic energy as my theme of presentation at that time. While I type, nearly the whole world is now shouting its deprecation against the use of yet another even more potent weapon than the Atom bomb. The H-Bomb was recently let loose somewhere in the Pacific and its powers of destruction presumably proved ungovernable. We are all afraid of consequences. To newspapers therefore the world over, the H-Bomb today indicates priority headlines.

However, this is the time to take advantage of the situation and tie up our magic with the common thought that is uppermost in most minds. We have seen again and again how successful comedians connect their stories and gags with current events. Such deliveries always appear crisp and incite greater interest. Similarly with tricks. If we associate a strange idea or timely topic with an old trick, we infuse fresh lease of life into the trick itself.

Whilst the marvellous scientific achievements of the Atom bomb in the past provided me with an excuse to present the act about to be described, today we alter the theme to "H-Bomb" to make our offerings more timely. Here is the exact description of the act ' used with much success in the past.

THE ACT : When the curtain parts, the magician is seen stepping out to the front. He is wearing an overall similar to that used by scientists in the laboratory. He introduces the ACT with the following words.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the H-Bomb as you have read is the marvel of the present century. Its power of annihilation, we are told, is so complete as to wipe out traces of all existence for miles and miles beyond. Everything coming within its far reaching influence simply evaporates. Although the secrets of the H-Bomb lie in America, I have managed to obtain enough ground knowledge of its elementary principles to enable me to demonstrate in miniature its immense destructive character".

TEST 'One' : Continuing his spiel, the magician adds "When the H-Bomb was first page 33.

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