Hook K

Each end of C should have a small screw eye, put well in the end grain and each end of A and B on the flat of each strip underneath, also a small screw eye as Fig. 12. K is a large hook screwed about centre of C on the top of strip. This is to hang up the puppet when not in use.


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many well-known film stars, whilst on visit to the R.K O. film studios, and was included in a party at Pickfair, the wonderful residence of Mary Pickford, who I was delighted to meet personally, together with her husband Buddy Rogers, who was fortunately home on leave from the American Fleet Air Arm. A meeting was arranged to see Chester Morris, who you probably know is a very enthusiastic magician, but to my disappointment, he being tied up with film-making, could not see me till the following week, and by this time I had returned to my ship at San Diego. To bring things up-to-date, I am now practising magic in a semi-professional capacity, entertaining; both children and adults. I think I can modestly claim to get on well with both, the simple reason apart from other things, being that I treat them all as friends—not suckers.

I am employed as typographer and layout designer with a well-known West End advertising agency. (I am a member of the Society of Typographic Designers). Mv other interests are music and calligraphy

JOHN BOURNE tells of simple effects that will

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