Hold My Wrists

You will find in practice that this method of silk production will create much comment because it is performed right under the eyes of a spectator, and that whilst he holds both your wrists !

The silk as usual, is inside the tip, and this in turn is worn on the right thumb. Your right hand to begin with hangs by your side. Call up a spectator, and explain that a magician, more times than not, is accused of using his sleeve for most of his tricks! As you want them to make sure that your sleeve has nothing to do with what you are about to demonstrate, you request the spectator to act as a sort of a security officer and prevent access to it.

The assistant is, of course, positioned on your left to start with. By way of illustrating what you want done, you grasp your own left wrist with the right hand. Our photo Figure 5 shows how I place my right fingers over and the thumb under the wrist. In this position the thumb tip is well COVERED. Having explained what you want done, move your right hand to your side again.

Now after he grips your wrist with his right hand, you bring your free hand forward again and this time place your first finger on the left palm Indicatively and say "I have nothing here"! While the first finger rests on the left palm, the thumb is again out of sight, but this time under the hand. Fig. 6 will make this clear.

However, after the assistant taps the back of your fist, you ask him to grip your other wrist as well with his free hand. When he does this, let them see that you have nothing there, and then reach into the left fist, pinch a corner of the silk and gradually bring it to view.

This production does not read even half as effectively as you will find it to be in actual practice. It can be used by itself as a close-up1 quickie, or as an interlude between two larger tricks on the stage.

Having drawn attention to the left palm, you now turn this hand over and close it into a fist. The right hand remains stationary for a while and as the left hand turns over its fingers close over the tip. The right hand immediately moves up and then strikes the back of the hand with the remark "Just tap my fist like this". This will leave the tip with the silk in the closed fingers of the left hand. Figure 7 explains how the left fingers close over the tip just prior to the right hand moving out and just before tapping the back of closed hand.

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