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To further elucidate the "Flying Cards" Routine, by Mystico, in the January issue, we append herewith three illustrations.

"FOCUS ON MAGIC" came in for a very special mention in Daniel Fitzkee's "Paper and Ink" critical columns in the November Genii. He says:—

"Focus on Magic" by George Blake has some of rhe most authoritative practical and absolutely necessary information on the performance of magic I've seen in print for some time. This is the kind of information every magician should have, but which is known only to a comparatively few experienced professionals. It is highly recommended".

The trouble is however, that it takes an expert to recognise authoritative writings, and he, of course, has no need of them. "Thank you, however, Mr. Fitzkee, for this and all the other nice things you have said about "Magic Magazine" in the past".


(Continued from Page 295)

brief description of the Silk Through Pencil on page 18. it is an adaptation of the old principle of rolling a folded article up, and allowing one shorter corner to 'double back' at the end of the roll. The principle is used in the old race-course swindle, 'Pricking the Carter', in the well known effect where a ten shilling note is placed on top of a pound note and the two rolled up, to be opened out to disclose the ten shilling note underneath. In the silk penetration under discussion, twist the silk up into a 'rope' and lay it across a pencil held in the left hand, one half of the silk hangs on the side nearest the performer and the other on the side nearest the audience. This half, by the way is slightly the shorter by about one inch. Take hold of the double silk under the pencil and commence to twist it round the pencil, bringing the silk towards yourself and then over the top. Repeat these twists until almost all the silk is wound up. At this stage, what was the shorter corner of the silk is allowed to fly back towards yourself and the left thumb immediately clamps down on the rolled silk, to prevent further unwinding. Give the two ends to a spectator and ask him to pull. Immediately you release the thumb-hold, the silk will be pulfed clear of the pencil. George Blake.

Note.—We still have stock of these Wand Ballpoint Pens, Price 5/6 each, (ready to write).


I CLAIM TO BE WORLD'S CHAMPION BALL MANIPULATOR. Any challenge will be accepted. I will shatter the World's Record on my next appearance. Neither hand touch one another, and I claim rhat it is the hardest and cleverest manipulation in the world today.

The World's Record is 12 balls in the hands. I claim I broke the World's Record at the Paramount Theatre on 23/4/1953, and I will break my own record on my next appearance.

I ask the Wellington Public to give me this chance, and I assure them that I will be WORLD'S CHAMPION MANIPULATOR, and will have the proof with me.

Frank Cooze writes from Australia:— The cutting is of a crank who thinks he is a magi. He picks the balls up one at a time from a table and thinks he is doing a great stroke. I saw him at a talent quest here and felt like telling him to put some glue on his hands which would enable him to pick them up with his fingertips! I have been waiting for a photograph of this stunt and just received it this morning, so here it is.

The Editor says : "Many thanks for the photo Frank, but I do not think we can find space to publish it!"

26, Ackworth Drive, Baguley, Wythenshawe, MANCHESTER.

Dear Max,

Recently I purchased your clay pipes trick. And when looking in a book I found an extra effect for the above. Take two glasses and treat the same as pipes then ask assistant to hold the two top to top and cover with a silk, then take the pipes to the other side of the stage and blow smoke at the glasses, then ask assistant to remove the silk and on doing so the glasses will be filled with smoke.

Hope this will interest your readers.

Yours faithfully,

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