Hich Spirits


This comedy routine may be adapted for both child and adult audiences. A card is chosen from a pack which bears the name of famous towns and cities, then a large card, blank both sides, is shown and placed into an envelope. The gentleman who chose the card from the pack is asked to hold the large envelope aloft and to repeat, a few times, the name of the city he chose, and, if he is successful the spirits will tell him in what country the city is. After a little byplay, the performer removes the large card from its envelope, and printed upon it are the words "NEW YORK IS IN AMERICA". The effect seems to be over bur when the gentieman is asked to place the envelope upon the table, and he turns round to do so, it is seen thai he has a large card upon his back bearing the words "I'M TERRIFIC".

The secret and working are quite simple. The envelope, about 12 inches by 8 inches, is a double one and in one of the compartments is the large card with the words "New York is in America". Afso, in the same compartment, is a similar sized card, on which is printed the words used in the climax, "I'm Terrific". This card is faked with a hook at the top and this hook hangs our over the mouth of the envelope, being easily concealed by holding the thumb over it.

A pack of blank faced cards is needed and 26 of these have the words "New York" printed upon them, and the remaining 26 have each the name of a different city on their faces. In addition to the above a large card,

blank on both sides and of a size to match those in the envelope is lying handy upon the table.

Show the pack of cards, making sure that you show the correct half, then from the ofher half, force the "New York" card. Now display the large blank card, and the large envelope, covering up the hook, and place the blank card in rhe empty compartment.

Ask the choser of the card to hold the envelope up high and while positioning him, 'run' the envelope down his back, thus attaching the 'Terrific' card to his coat, ready for the final effect. Get him to hold the envelope up high, and repeat the name of the city he has chosen, then you remove rhe large card and show that "New York is in America". While he is holding up the envelope, you may patter about what the spirits can do, especially if they be 'High Spirits', hence the reason for holding up the envelope. Have him kindly return the envelope to the table, conveniently p'aced at the rear of the stage, and then work up the climax of the card on his back. If you don't get comedy from this, I give up.

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