7. Pick up the visiting card with the left hand, and insert the tiny cigarette in the "mouth" of the sketch. Casually, let it be seen that the right hand is empty. (But please do not say so!)

8. Get one of the bystanders to give you a lighted match. (Or use an automatic lighter). As soon as the cigarette has caught fire, blow out the two frames TOGETHER.

This will prevent the audience from noticing the peculiar way in which the Zylonite flares up. I discovered this by accident, and I consider it a valuable "tip".

In this version, the trick appears to be entirely impromptu, and there is no suggestion of that "preparation which every respectable wizard so sedulously disclaims." (Hoffmann).

Commenting on the above routine, Mr. Charles Harrison ("Rajah Khan") writes: "There is, as far as I am concerned only one drawback. If I could do it only when I saw somebody rolling his own cigarettes, there

(Continued on Page 111).


Luminous Moon by JOHNNY GEDDES

Those of you who possess that grand effect " Indian Moon," might like to try this routine of mine which gives it a complete change. it is many "moons" since I used it, but this is how I presented it.

Get hold of some GOOD Luminous paint, and give the "Ball" a good coating, so that it shines well in the dark.

The routine is as follows: Go through the normal routine, until you have practically finished, so that the "Moon" is showing over the top of the silk you use. You are standing we!l away from the table from which you lifted it in the first place.

The lights are dimming, and as they go completely out, you take away the silk, and keep the ball on the move, it shows up very very well in the dark. Keep moving it all over the place, but do not make too much noise, practically none at all if possible while you are moving about on the stage.

The silk is stuck into your pocket, and you are now moving the Ball about by means of the feke. The ball is made to go up and down fairly rapidly at a great height. You are holding the feke by the right hand . . . your left hand is now allowed to pass around the feke, and under the ball. Gradually you work the feke from off the ball, until the ball is actually resting on the top of your hand, which is "cupped". Your hand will not be seen under the ba'l, and besides you continue to keep it moving. The feke is laid out of sight.

You now move slowly towards the table where the "stand" is, and gradually place the ball back on the stand. When this has been done, you nip back to the other side of the stage where you were prior to the lights going out. Whip the silk out of your pocket, and hold it in EXACTLY THE SAME POSITION as you were before the lights went out.

The lights are now switched on, and as far as the audience are concerned, you are still standing in the same place as you were when they last saw you. You are also holding the silk in the same way, and you are looking over at the table where the Moon now rests.

This was a favourite routine of mine about 4 or 5 years ago. I have even worked it in rooms at private bookings. In this case you ask the maid or the butler present to put out the lights for you.

Quite a change from the comedy, is it not, but I strongly advise you to try it.

Continued from Page 117

Friday, 12th September. Grand Casino; at h. 8-00 to 11-00 a.m.

Reception of the Members of the Congress. Distribution of the congressional material.

at h. 11-00 a.m. Official opening of the

Congress, cocktail of welcome, at 2-00 p.m. Stage competition. Apparatus exhibition, Or magical material exhibition.

at 20-30 p.m. Micromagic and invention competition.

Saturday 13th September. Grand Casino from 9-00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.

Competition. Apparatus exhibition. Theater of Cour St. Pierre; at 20-30 p.m.

Private spectacle offered by the Magicians C'ub of Geneva to the members of the Congress, followed by the night of Micromagic and Seminary. Sunday, 14th September. Grand Casino; at

Magical Cruise, tour on the lake, at 20-30 p.m.

Friendly meeting of the members of the Congress or congressmen. The place of meeting will be indicate later on.

Monday 15th September. Grand Casino; Crush-room of the Grand Theater, at 1 1.00 a.m.

Official reception offered by the Geneva's Government, at 12.30 a.m.

Official banquet. Prizes Distribution.

Official and public spectacle with the winners of the competitions, at 24.00 p.m.

End of the Congress.

Tuesday, 16th September (not obligatory) To Bellegarde (Ain) France. Lying of a commemorative plaque on Harry Bertall's grave.

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