Plastic "Cee-Thru" Clockhand—42/-


Owing to huge stocks of Tricks, Magical Books etc.

Call, inspect and browse at your leisure NOTE OUR NEW ADDRESS :

"Magical Mart" and "Magical Digest"


7 Duke Street Hill, London Bridge, London S.E.I.

(Right outside London Bridge Station)

JENNESS for all books.

Latest AMERICAN or ENGLISH BOOKS can be ordered from me. Out-of-Print Books also stocked. LISTS ON REQUEST. Let me know your wants.

JENNESS, 47, Inverness Ave., Enfield, Middlesex.

" Thank you both for leaving me the right envelope."

This is the performer's comment when he gets the £1 note !

The buzz of excited comment and laughter that runs round the auditorium is more than sufficient proof that the audience have been under as much tension as the assistants!

• No switching of envelopes.

• No palming or sleight of hand.

9 A modern-day miracle.

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