Half Crown


The penny is now taken from the R.H.A. with the left hand and by means of the 'French Drop' (or performer's favourite method of vanishing a coin) is transferred (?) to the right hand which is immediately closed. The closed right hand is raised and approaches a point over the covered half-crown, the body being turned half left.

The right hand suddenly strikes the end of the handkerchief containing the half-crown (at the same moment the penny in the left hand is dropped into the. left coat pocket) causing the L.H.A. to drop the end of the handkerchief. The duplicate penny drops from its original position on to the covered half-crown, thereby-causing the clink!

Ail that remains now is for the L.H.A. to unfold the handkerchief and reveal the two coins which, with the handkerchief must be returned to their respective owners.

POINTS TO WATCH—(a) The covered coin must be on the left of the performer, thus giving the excuse for the right hand being used to hold the penny, thereby providing the cover for the eventual vanish of the coin in the left hand coat pocket. (b) Request dead silence just before the right hand strikes the handkerchief to enable the clink of the coins to be heard.

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