Half Collar

Patter . "I would like to tell you how the Cameo came into being. Here you see an enlarged edition of a Cameo Brooch. A long time ago a nobleman asked his Court Magician if he could perform a trick for his wife, and knowing that to please his master was everything, the Magician delved deep into his mysteries".

"First he had a number of coloured ribbons and fobs, which he dropped into a bag" (having shown the bag empty?) "Would you choose one Madam? Thank you. Yes, a fob as well. Now he wrapped the ribbon and fob in a small piece of paper. Would you kindly hold that? Thank you".

"He now covered the Cameo over, and, may I have the package?" (Flash off) "Ah! His Magic was working! For when he removed the handkerchief, THERE WAS YOUR CHOICE OF RIBBON AND FOB, and so he started a fashion for the ladies which has gone on even to the present, that of the Cameo Brooch".

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