Now I want you to imagine that we are on a motor tour and having arrived at some cross roads we find that the signpost has one arm missing. Would somebody take a card ? Thank you. Here is a small paper clip. I want you to mark one of the names with and this shall represent the missing arm. Now, will you place the card face downwards on the table. I feel sure you will agree with me that I have not influenced your choice in any way. However if you will concentrate on the name you have selected I will endeavour to read your thoughts. The name of the place is-.

Secret. The method used is very simple indeed and any of the one hundred names can be discovered by reference to two other cards. Each name is made up of the first or last syllable of two other names. The key cards being the first card but one in front of and behind the chosen card. For example :— The key cards for No. 3 are Nos. 1 and 5. See below :— 1. MelBOURNE, Ham-DEN. 5. HILLden, BEEston. 3. BOURNEHILL. DENBIGH. 1. TonGA, VerMONT. 5. DAllas, ROSEmont. 3. GARDA, MONTROSE.

Note. It is always the last syllable of the card before the first syllable of the card after.

In the event of Nos. 1 or 25 being chosen, the key cards are found in just the same way :— 24 (1) 3. 23 (25) 2.

You will easily be able to discover which particular name has been chosen as the printing on the back shows clearly which is the top of the card.

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