Guy Marsh

By a brilliant conception in ingenuity, the design of this wand makes it possible for us to bring it to you at a revolutionary new price ! It's a custom made job too. Mechanically perfect and cannot fail. All parts readily accessible and replaceable ... if ever necessary. Satisfaction guaranteed.

THE EFFECT ... as if you did not know ! At any time in your act you point your wand and a ball of fire shoots out . . . and disappears into thin air !

Makes a lovely opening effect, and is always real magic. Uses only flashpaper. Supply included with outfit.


Johnny Geddes

Two wonderful events happened in the year 1918. The first, that one Johnny Geddes, saw the light of day in that year, and the second, no doubt due to the shock the world had received in the first was that November 11th saw the end of the Great War. Yea, the birth of Johnny was enough to stop any war!

Well, for the next few years he breathed and lived as any normal person should, but in the year 1928 or 1929, he paid the sum of ONE PENNY to watch a man stuff loads of cotton wool into his mouth and pull out yards of ribbon ... or was it paper ? Anyway, it looked wonderful to him. From then on, this lad Geddes was doomed, magic was in the blood. The time came to leave school, to go out into the world, and to come up against all types of tricksters. He intended to take up the study of Hotel Management, but the trouble was that it left little time for this magic business. Nevertheless, magic was studied, and on New Year's Eve in the year 1934 he took the stage ... as John R. Geddes, in a small Church Hall.

This was the start, then he broke into Concert party work where a terrific amount of ground work was received under a producer who was an ex-pro from the Variety stage. This lasted until 1938, when he found that there was much more money in private dates and where the manipulation of cards and coins was quite a popular thing to be watched. Yes, he was actually doing the clever stuff in those days. Bookings were quite good, but nothing to rave about.

Came the War in 1939, and off to fight for SCOTLAND, or was it Britain? Anyway, he had no say in the matter. He was in the Army for just over six years where a little magic was done. He was posted to Northern Ireland for a spell, but magic was always being worked in the barracks, etc.. until one bright evening in Belfast, Corporal Geddes was out with the boys, doing a round of the 'locals', when he was pulled out of a nice comfortable seat . . . told to get a ten minute act together for a Variety Show in the city. Some trouble had arisen about Artistes coming over from England, and the show was desperate for three acts, so Geddes was roped in. Imagine the position, he had very few props, had done no oublic shows for about three vears. and to make matters worse was a little intoxicated, as all troops were at times!





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