Granville Taylor

This is the chronicle of one of the younger generation of up and coming magicians.

He was born on the 9th. October, 1930. in Nelson, Lancashire, and when about nine years old first became fascinated by magic. This resulted in his buying several magic books and tricks from Woolworths. Then something happened which was to have a considerable effect on his progress as a magician—his father's sister married a magician !

For the next few years his uncle taught him the basic principles of card magic, and also a classic presentation of the "Chinese Linking Rings". He gave his first performance on Saturday, March 30th., 1945, at the Salem Youth Club in Nelson, before an audience of 500 and the programme consisted of Proudlock's "Thimble Routine", the "Stung" three card trick, silks from ghost tube, linking rings, and the Great Sand and Sugar trick. After this performance, his services were in constant demand, and before very long he had a good selection of tricks from which to choose a programme for the next season.

If a magician came in the district, he would always go and see the show. When he was watching the smooth performance of Murray and the Great Lyle, he never thought at the time that before long he would be working in their shows. He used to make notes on the programmes of all the famous magicians, and collected all the photos and newspaper clippings that he could get his hands on.

Magic took second place to academic studies in 1949. In October of that year he was admitted as a student at Hull University College, and in 1952 graduated B.Sc. (London), obtaining a general degree in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The year previously he had spent eight weeks of the Summer vacation as stage assistant to Murray, and learnt a great deal touring with his "International Wonder Show".

After graduating, another year was spent in Hull preparing for the Graduate Certificate in Education, and as this did not involve as much study, he worked concert and cabaret dates in the area with two lady assistants, presenting a fast moving, polished magic act, and this resulted in good bookings.





by Eddie Joseph Page 258


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