Golden Spider Trick

A Vampire Exclusive

A charming conception especially designed for the Very Young . . . Those "Oh! so difficult" little ones to entertain.

The Romance of the Golden Spider has an atmosphere of reality that instantly captures and holds the kiddies wrapt attention. All the clever things this Spider can do, and the way he lives would amaze you !

When at the finale he is found to be sitting in the centre of a lovely Web which he has woven with a

Coloured Ball of Wool selected by one of the Children . . . NATURALLY THEY ARE DELIGHTED !

Size 13in. square. Beautifully finished outfit complete with large Golden Spider, Decorative Screen, and patter.

PRICE 45/_


A lovely glove Rabbit that is ideal for use in your Children's Shows.

Why not have your Rabbit Pop out of the Hat ALL-AHVE-O ? Reggie Rabbit is so realistic that it will really have to be seen to be believed. There are so many things that you can get this Rabbit to do that we hardly know where to begin. You can get him to find a card in the pack which has previously been selected, and using Lexicon Cards have him spell out a word. If he cannot see the card have him put his glasses on ! Or to make it more difficult, why not blindfold him.

TEN COMEDY ROUTINES are given with each "Reggie Rabbit".

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