Golden Spider Spins Again

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seems to turn up at more than one party would not tumble to the fact that you were using ,the same colour as he'd seen you use last time?

Has it occurred to you that, with a little constructional ingenuity, the frame could be feked on each of .the four sides so that the audience could have a fair choice of four colours?

If you haven't bought this effect, has it struck you that it packs a rare entertainment wallop for all ages, gives colour, dresses the act, packs flat, needs virtually no setting up and plays for a good five minutes? Go to it!

EDITOR'S NOTE.—The improved screen mentioned above has now been incorporated in the standard model of the trick.

Ravelle fir Andre Present Ci

The magician has a stand on the table which appears to be a large edition of a Cameo Brooch. The black bust is removed and displayed, then replaced. A number of coloured ribbons and fobs are shown and dropped into a bag and thoroughly mixed.

A member of the audience is asked to withdraw a ribbon and a fob. The stand is covered with a handkerchief and the ribbon and fob are wrapped in paper. They disappear and when the hank is removed there on the bust is the chosen ribbon to which is attached the chosen fob.

The various parts of the trick are shown in the illustration. The head is covered in black velvet on one side and painted black on the other. The fake is actually a collar, which fits round the neck of the figure, and this collar is made up in two sections. One is a band of black velvet, long enough to go half way round the neck, and the other half is a similar length of coloured ribbon. The two, velvet and ribbon, joined together make one complete collar. A small plastic fob is stuck on the ribbon, and a thread loop is sewn to the collar where the ribbon and velvet meet.

To commence the ribbon part of the collar is at the back of the bust and the working must now be obvious. If the thread loop is pulled from left to right of the head (under pretence of covering with the hanky) this will automatically bring the ribbon to the front of the neck, along with the fob.

The various coloured ribbons and the fobs are placed in a changing bag, which has already been loaded on one side with ribbons and fobs of one colour only. (Mine are yellow ribbon and green fob, and this shows up well on the velvet). The vanish is accomplished by placing the ribbon and fob in tissue paper and exchanging by your favourite method for a similar bundle of flash paper. Flash off the paper and remove the hank to reveal the climax.




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