God Save The Queen

Servais Lercy

Footnote.—By the way, there is quite a lot of erroneous information in the "Who's Who", concerning Agosta-Meynier and Rameses.—V.F.

Since the above lines were written, I have received a copy of LeRoy's birth certificate from Spa. The date is correct, namely, 4th May, 1865.

In the opinion of Lewis Davenport, also of Zelka (the dealer) and other contemporary magicians, Servais LeRoy was one of the greatest illusionists and inventors of all time, rivalling even such geniuses as Robert-Houdin, Buatier de Kolto, John N. Maskelyne, David Devant and P. T. Selbit.

It is not generally known that Murray, the escapologist when in his late teens, or early twenties, was one of LeRoy's assistants. (This information is correct: I got it from Murray himself).

It would be an interesting task to compile a complete list of the many extraordinary illusions and tricks invented by LeRoy, and to write a book giving an account of his brilliant career and strange adventures in all parts of the world.

Will any such work ever see the light? I doubt it.

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