Glaude Manley

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When you meet Claude Manley, you cannot fail to be impressed, that here is a man who literally burns with zeal. Everything he undertakes is important, and the job of the moment gets his whole and zealous attention.

He is a printer by trade, and during his youth another lad sold him the "Coffee Vase" Trick. That was enough to start him off in the quest for more magic, and his lunch hours were often spent at the magic counter of Hamley's oid shop in Holborn, where the genial Mr. Wheeler dispensed his tricks to the fraternity. Having got together a small collection, Claude always insisted on performing to his parents friends. Whether his parents still have friends he did not tell me!

However, in 1916 he entered a talent competition and won third prize, being also given a booking at the "Central Holborn Club". Several entertainment secretaries were there and he booked eight dates straight away!

Claude claims he learnt Magic the hard way and his experience certainly shows that he got around even at that early age, for in ,1917 he toured for 6 weeks at the Star Theatre, Bermondsey; The Cattis; Westminster; The Montpelier; Walworth; The Forresters, Cambridge Heath; The Palace, Bow and The Trafalgar, Greenwich. This record will no doubt conjure up memories of the old theatres amongst some of you. He subsequently had to decline an offer to go on tour as he was permanently engaged in his business.

During the last War Claude ran a Variety Show "Melody, Mirth and Mystery," and performed at hundreds of Air-Raid Shelters, Gun sites, Naval and Military Barrack Theatres etc.

Joined his first magical society in 1947 —the Institute of Magicians, and later the "Magic Circle" and V.A.F. Claude has, incidentally been an ardent supporter of the Vampire Club since its inception nearly two years ago, and has never missed a meeting. His work on the committee has been invaluable and we can say in all sincerity, that Magic wil flourish with honour and respect, whilst such men as Claude Manley uphold its ancient traditions.



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by Arthur Leroy Page 138

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