Ghostly Prediction

This is another card prediction effect but one in which the writing on the prediction appears by magical means.

In effect the magician shows both sides of a card, numbering them "1" and "2" as he does so. A spectator then initials the card. The spectator takes the card and thrusts it into the centre of a pack of playing- cards. The cards above the initialled card are removed and the spectator is allowed to look at the card immediately below the initialled card. He finds (for instance) that he has cut at the two of clubs. He is now invited to turn over the initialled card and he finds written on it the name of the Two of Clubs ... or whatever card he has just cut at !

As you will see, it is quite a clean effect and it can in fact be done with a borrowed pack.

The best way of describing the working is to go through it step by step and ask you to follow it with the required "props" at hand.

To prepare, get a packet of thin stiff cards about 4 inches by 6 inches. Draw a circle in the centre of one card and underneath it draw an oblong ... see sketch. Then cut out the circle and the oblong. This will give you a template. By placing it on top of a card and drawing round the edges of the cut-out portions you will be able to transfer the design to each face of each card in your packet. What is more the design will be in exactly the same position on each card and therefore the face (or back) of one card will be indistinguishable from the next. When you have prepared your packet, write the figure one in the circle on one side of one card; in the circle of the other side of that card write the figure 2 and in the oblong beneath it write "Two of Clubs" or whatever card you intend to force.

Having done all this, place the prepared card on top of the packet of cards with the figure 2 side uppermost. On top of this card place another card bearing of course, the circle and oblong design on each side but without any additional writing.

Place the force-card at the top of the pack and you are all-set for off.

Bring forward the packet of circle-oblonged cards and showing the face of the top card write a figure 1 boldly in the circle, making sure that it resembles as closely as possible the figure 1 on the other card. Then turn the top card over and write the figure 2 in the circle on that side. Next you apparently turn the top card over so that its figure 1 side comes uppermost again. What in fact you do, however, is to perform the double lift and turnover so that the figure 1 side of the prepared card comes to the top. Have the spectator place his initials in the oblong under the figure one and, taking care that no-one sees the figure 2 side of this card or the face of the next card in the packet, remove the initialled card from the packet and place it in some conspicuous position initialled side to the audience.

Have the pack shuffled if you like and then cut the force-card to the top. Now hand the initalled card to the spectator and ask him to thrust it in the centre of the pack which you hold, When he has done this he can leave go of the initialled card.

FOCUS ON MAGIC — Continued.

job is done. Provided, as I have stressed before, that your dummy note is a good imitation, no difference will be noticed at all, and from here on you are free to do what you wish with the dummy, knowing all the time that the genuine note is in the hand and easily obtainable, from the tweezers, when the latter are returned, say, to the pocket.

Once again, I have reached the end of my allotted space, but by no means the end of the subject, which, when brought into focus, is so vast and about which volumes could be written. So I shall have to content myself for this month by thanking you for bearing with me so far (I hope the journey is proving profitable) and wishing you ALL THE VERY BEST OF EVERYTHING FOR CHRISTMAS. MAY IT BE THE BEST YOU'VE HAD BUT WITH BETTER TO FOLLOW.

Yours magically,

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