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Chameleon Penknife

First Time Advertised-An Entirely New Outfit

One of the Finest Pocket Tricks Ever Offered to Magicians.

An ordinary white penknife—yes, one which has a really sharp blade—is passed out for examination. As soon as the magi receives it back however, it changes colour to a RED KNIFE.

This is shown back and front continually a."ud with a variety of passes and moves—but it stays reel. Suddenly, on the performer's word of command, IT CHANGES TO BLUE. Yes, it is now actually shown to be Blue on both sides.

People can hardly believe their eyes when they see these changes happen. Done right up at close quarters.

Then, just when they are prepared for anything, it changes back to red again . . . and finally right before the r very eyes ... it suddenly TURNS WHITE. IT IS AGAIN HANDED FOR EXAMINATION.

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