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The proceedings opened with Max giving his usual cheery welcome to all, followed by Lenz, offering a few hints, as forceful as ever. He asked for more support from members for "Magic Magazine"—very right and proper.

Where can you get better value at 1/3 per copy, as well as an excellent binding device for only 15/-?

Charles Cole followed Lenz with a skilful demonstration of the conversion of balloons into toy dogs, etc., just to show us that his cartooning need not be confined to paper and chalks. Rus Carling then gave a most interesting talk on magic in Australia, mentioning two great Australian magicians Gene Hugard and Les Levante. Impossible to go through all the list of great men he has met such as Chung Ling Soo, Dante, De Biere, etc. At any rate I think it was news to many of us to learn that Houdini was a pioneer aviator and flew an old Voisin Biplane after reading from type written instructions. His mention of the thoroughness of magical methods which he saw at a demonstration of magic in Madrid was highly amusing. Apparently they spill quite a lot of blood when they saw a woman in half in Spain, and then let the audience onto the stage for a close up.

Claud Manley introduced the Bexley Heath and District Magical Society who had kindly promised to provide the Cabaret for the evening. Jimmy Herbert compered the show, introducing George Burrowes as the first artiste. He gave us a good demonstration of well timed effects with the Milk Jug, Egg Bag, Coins to Glass, etc.

Dare I criticise a visitor?—I'm chancing it. Smooth your act out just a little. I felt it did not flow along quite as you could have made it. Forgive the hint George—offered with all good intention. Eric Mason followed with card effects appearing to bewilder not only the audience but himself .1 heaved a sigh of relief when it all came right at the end. Alan Weston gave us a real quick fire show with just the right brand of humorous patter as a condiment. I think his unusual ending to the Cut and not restored rope and a masterly demonstration of the Thumb Tie got the biggest hand. Finally Jimmy Herbert gave a wonderful miming display of the story of his many relatives attempting to mould little Jimmy's future. As proof that the one who decided he should be a magician was sound, he finished with a first class display of card manipulation. Thank you Bexley Heath for a fine show.

Max appeared to be acting as photographer and one take was accompanied by a loud explosion. Whether he was trying out a new effect or whether it was the work of a Hallowe'en gremlin we shall probably never know!

Next meeting November 28th and it is to be a Dealer's night. I shall have to see the Bank Manager—got to find the money somehow.



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