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Now for the set up. On your right place the stand with the Green Banana facing front and, attached to its rear is the yellow fake. Over this the "shop" tube is placed. On the left the arrangement is just the opposite, that is as far as colour is concerned. The Yellow Banana board faces front, attached to its rear is the green fake and over these is the "shop" tube.

Assuming that you are working to a juvenile audience, the patter is somewhat as follows. "Now, girls and boys, this is a story of straight bananas. Has anyone here ever seen a straight banana? You haven't? Well, as a matter of fact I have brought a photograph of TWO. Yes, its two, 1 mean TRUE. Here they are. Two straight bananas". (Take the covers off the set-up on each table). "One shop, you will notice had bananas which were ready for eating. They were, of course. Yellow. But the other shop had bananas which were not ripe, and, of course, they were Green". (Point to each in turn).

"The chap who owned the shop with the Green bananas was not happy about it and asked me if I could help him to get really ripe bananas. Has anyone here got a ripe banana. What no one? 1 was hungry too. Could have done with some ripe bananas—and cream. Well, I'll show you how I changed the bananas in the shops. When they were closed for the night," (place the covers over the stands) "I started to work. First I took the green bananas over to the other shop and then yellow ones to where the green ones had been". (This is mimed by pretending to lift the green banana out of the top of the open cover, carrying it over to the other cover, and lowering it in. Then the process is carried out in reverse with the yellow banana).

"Having changed the bananas over, this created a terrific row, so I had to change them over again". (Go through the business of changing them over again). "Having done that the shopkeepers opened their shops and the bananas were back as at first". (Take off the covers and show the bananas as at first. The children will soon inform you that you never changed them at all, so you proceed).

"Oh yes, I did. I actually took them out of the shop through the skylight in the roof" (point to the open tops and replace the covers over the stands) "If you don't believe me, I'll show you the back of the shops to prove that there is no door. Neither is there a window". (As you say this, turn the stands, with the covers, round backs to the audience).

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"Now I'll change them over again". (Go into the business of changing them from one cover to the other as before). "Now this time the shop keepers opened up their shops and discovered that their bananas had changed, for here you see the Yellow one" (right hand) "and over here the Green one". (Lift off the covers as you say this and the children will soon tell you that you turned the shops round and that the boards have different colours on each side, etc.. etc.). "Oh no, you're wrong. Look, we'll close up the shops again and I'll put the bananas back where we started". (Replace the covers and turn the shops to face front again. Go through the actions of transposing the bananas once again) "We'll place the Yellow bananas back here and the Green ones here".

'Now there we are, back where we started. The Green bananas over here and the Yellow ones here". (Lift off the covers, but, by placing your fingers in over the top, you also take away the fakes inside each cover. The covers are placed aside). "There we are. And do you know those two shopkeepers were so fed up with their bananas changing colour that they sold out and now they are keeping butchers shops". (The children will, naturally, not be convinced and will want to see the other sides of the boards and after much nagging and turning round business, you finally turn them back to front and show the Sausages).

"Yes. it's quite true, they both run a butchers business now, for here is their main selling line . . . SAUSAGES". (Needless to say, the climax is a winner).

First Time Offered.

"MIRACLE" Straight-Jacket Escape

Owing to the number of requests we have had during the year for this piece of apparatus, when we could not supply, we have decided now to make it available for those who want it.

The jacket is made in very heavy canvas of finest quality, and to the usual standard pattern. The arms extend some way beyond the hands and the ends are sealed with heavy leather bindings, and all the straps and buckles are of finest quality heavy leatherwork, handsewn professionally with twine.

When the jacket is donned, the arms are crossed, and the long sleeves taken behind the back and fastened. When all the straps round the waist etc. are also fastened it is impossible to escape unless shown the secret method.

We will only make to order and although there is a lot of latitude in the fit, please give your height, shoulder width, and waist measurement.

STOP PRESS ! First Time Offered

First Time Offered.

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