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Having attached the magnets and painted them to 'run in' with the lid, you are all set to go.

Take the painted tin tray and place this on top of the empty tray. The box is shown as being complete with paints, the lid is closed, the box tilted, which causes the faked tray to adhere to the magnetised lid. Open the box and show that the paints have vanished.

If you care to try the following routine, you will need, in addition, a changing bag, into one side of which you have placed all the paints you removed from the paint box.

At the start of the routine, show the box full (?) and the bag empty (?). Vanish the paints as per the above description, open up the bag and you or your assistant brings out the paints.

NOTE.—Johnny sent us this little item some time ago. While not strictly Comedy Magic, we know it will appeal to many Children's Entertainers. Johnny will be back next month under his banner "Comedy Is My Business".—Editor).

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