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specialist in rheumatic complaints and nervous disorders.

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Some time ago in Max's splendid magazine appeared an effect by, we believe, Tock Han Chuan, based upon the last card idea and utilising three glasses, three different coloured silks and a pack of cards. Whilst we liked the effect very much and actually included same in our programme, we feit that there was one weakness, inasmuch as the cards used in the effect had to be discarded, leaving the last card only. We then pondered on this and are now happy to release our twist on this effect, which has caused quite a lot of comment from laymen and magicians alike.

In our effect the performer uses three tumblers (plastic), three different coloured silks, and a pack of cards. The performer writes a prediction, seals same in an envelope and this is placed in some prominent position and is in view of the audience the whole of the time. The pack of cards is now shuffled and nine cards are dealt off the pack face down onto the table. The coloured silks are placed one into each tumbler and the cards are placed three into each tumbler.

The performer explains that he would like two members of the audience to each call out one of the colours and that the cards indicated will be discarded. This having been done, the remaining three cards are in turn placed into each of the tumblers. The performer now gives a member of the audience a perfectly free choice of colour and this tumbler is then turned around so that audience may see the card (we would mention that during the routine cards are placed into tumblers with backs to audience). The performer then goes on to state that the chosen card could have been either of the other two, which he turns around in turn and it is seen that the cards are totally different cards, yet when the envelope is opened and the prediction given to a member of the audience to read it is found to be 100% correct in the forecast of the card chosen.

We would like to emphasise that there is no switching of prediction etc, and that the work is as straightforward as possible.

Required for the effect is a pack of cards with nine extra cards, these being three sets of any three cards (i.e. three nine of hearts, three ten of spades, three two of diamonds). These cards are stacked together consecutively, in other words, you have one of each throughout the stack, nine of hearts, ten of spades, two of diamonds, nine of hearts, ten of spades, two of diamonds, and so on with the last three.

These cards then go underneath your card case, faces of cards to the floor and are held in place by a rubber band encircling the complete case in which your pack reposes. This case is closed and placed on the table.

Now you show the tumblers and place a silk into each, then remove cards from case, holding case in left hand, and give to a member of the audience to shuffle. As this is being done you remove the band from the case, taking same off towards yourself and when cards are returned to you you place the pack directly under card case in left hand and ask spectator if he is satisfied that he has shuffled the pack well, etc. You then merely place card case aside, you having added to the top of the pack the packet of force cards.

Deal these nine cards face down onto the table, then place three cards into each glass.

The prediction is written and sealed in the envelope and the audience are requested to call out two colours, the performer stating beforehand that the cards in these respective glasses will be discarded. This is done and the remaining three cards are placed one into each glass and of course they will be one each of the force cards. When one is chosen, this is turned around and shown to the audience. Then the performer states that it could have been either of the others and shows the other two cards to be different, this to our way of thinking being a very strong point and we have found in actual practice that the audience are really amazed, as when your envelope is opened the prediction is 100% correct -

The envelope used in this routine was originated by the late Ted Annemann and is the height of ingenuity inasmuch as three different predictions are in the envelope, although the audience only see you write one of these and the most remarkable point is that when the envelope is slit open only one of the predictions will fall out and we now give a detailed explanation of the making of this fake envelope and if you follow same with the envelopes before you, you will be amazed how easily these are made, although at first it may appear to be complicated. Have three manilla envelopes before you, a pair of scissors and some paste (Gloy) is ideal for this purpose. Envelope No. 1 is left alone. Trim the sides, top and bottom of envelopes 2 and 3, keeping only the address sides. Lay these two inserts in front of you and follow.

Paste is applied as shown in the sketches. The shaded sections have paste, while the dotted section in No. 2 indicates paste on the underside. The paste surface in each case should only be a quarter of an inch wide and a quarter of an inch from the upper corners . You will find it best to lay a ruler down and then apply paste to the edge revealed, which gives you a uniform and clean piece of work. No. 3 goes on No. 2 and these are inserted into No. 1. The whole thing goes under a good weight to dry. As you look at the sketches, the two loaded papers go into the back and middle compartments, prior to placing No. 2 and 3 into the envelope proper.

Study this for a moment and you'll see what you have made. Now insert a prediction into the envelope as you would normally, in front of your audience and seal. Now open envelope by trimming off, with scissors an eighth from the left end, pinch envelope at top and bottom and blow to open. Dump the contents out. Only the rear compartment can open, and the contents fall out. If you trim the other end an eighth of an inch, only the centre compartment will open. If you want

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