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time, will you? Now then, all ready? One-two-three-four-five-six-Action-Shoot". (At this point you can go over the rehearsal again if you wish) "Jolly good. Now we will televise the picture properly".

(Pick up the television set and hold it with the right hand at the bottom, left hand behind and tell the child to point the camera towards you, and to get ready to press the button on the word Shoot. Here the counting is gone through and on the word shoot, lift up the pictures by the wood strut, showing the front picture of the two, the dead mouse, or whatever is used. Hold the picture for the audience to see, then look at it yourself, and appear bewildered, etc.V

"We certainly have a picture, but it doesn't appear to be one of our set, does it? Something must have gone wrong". (Put the T.V. set down, letting the picture slide down as you turn and the screen is once more blank. Go to the camera, take out the dead mouse and hold it by its tail) "No wonder we couldn't get our picture, for this little fellow was in the way. I suppose he went there to have a sleep and couldn't get out, and we televised him instead of our picture. Now let's try again". (Shut the camera and tell the child to get ready, pick up the TV set as before, and go through the counting once more. On the word Shoot, the rear picture only is lifted by the wire loop. It is, of course, a picture of Muffin, and you set the T.V. set on one side, going over to the camera to take out the chosen (??) card, which is shown to be the same). "Now let's give the camera holder a nice clap for her splendid help".

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