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I have been asked to review this latest brain-child of Eddie Joseph's, and if I were to give way to selfish motives I would say that it wouldn't be a good buy from your point of view and if you took my advice you would leave it severely alone. You see, I wish it were my brain-child, and I would like to keep it exclusively for myself ! That's how good it is.

If in the near future you see an enterprising magician (enterprising because he 'got in' before you did) perform a miracle with two genuine coins, even if you never perform the trick, it will be well worth the ten shillings expended, to find out how he did it.

If the enterprising magician can baffle you so easily with "Mirage" think how easy it will be for you to baffle a lay audience with it. My guess is that, eventually, you will buy it and use it. If you don't happen to be a 'coin merchant', it makes no difference, for Eddie gives a good effect with cards, and its up to you to devise others for your self. I can readily visualise its use in conjunction with thimbles, book matches, cigarettes, etc., and remember, as with all magical effects, it's not what you get for the money that counts, so much as how you use it. Therein lies the value of "Mirage".

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