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tion is read aloud and on running through the pack (other member does it) a marked card is found therein—just the same one predicted by the performer, which denomination corresponds with the writing on the card. Pack passed for inspection.

The Secret.—Seif-working, no confederates, set up cards or prepared envelope. Performer has beforehand marked with an (X) one card (say Seven of Spades) about near the the top index corner. This is the card which denomination he should write on the blank card. As he does so, seals up the envelope and hands it to someone to be in ¡tailed for future identification thus proving that the envelope cannot be switched anyway. Person holds the envelope or this may be taken back to performer's table and placed in full view

Next, a volunteer comes to the stage (or platform) and performer displays before his eyes, face up, the cards, running through the pack "emphasising the fact that they are unprepared and different". Performer explains to him that he should mark any card he likes, then cut the deck and shuffle it thoroughly. This should be done behind his back so that neither he or the performer can see which was the card marked with an "X" at the top index corner.

Hand him a red pencil . . . but what you really do is to hand him a "dummy" with a red lead imitation which doesn't write at all.

After having marked (?) the card, pack is brought forward and given to the performer which he in turn gives someone to hold.

Next, envelope is torn open and the contents removed the writing being read aloud. "SEVEN OF SPADES' ! . . .

Person holding the pack is requested to look through the cards and locate the named (marked) card.

As he finds it, he confirms the performer's prediction by showing it to all.

Pack is passed for inspection and the envelope identified and acknowledged to be the same one, unprepared and free of any trickery, thus bringing the effect to a ciose.

The "Temple ®ff Hamas"

Presented by LENZ, the "White Yogi'

At Lampton Park, Hounsiow, on Whit-Monday last, was heid a Fete, organised by the Round Table. The proceeds were in aid of Heston and Isleworth Old People's Centre, and it was apparent right from the outset that it would be a tremendous success. Long queues waited for the opening of the gates, and at one time five people were needed to collect admission money. It turned out that over 20,000 people had visited the show by 8 p.m. in the evening.

The whole affair was run like clockwork, and rather different from some of these Fetes held! The tremendous success, however, was due mostly to the fact that the organisers realised that just to offer people the means of spending or giving money away is not sufficient these days in itself. A draw is needed to bring the people in and it must be a good draw !

Certain it was, that everyone was astounded by the crowds, and it was impossible to get near some of the attractions in the afternoon. The fact that posters with' LENZ' name prominently displayed, had been plastered all round the surrounding districts, and notices in the local press, of the fact that he would do "Walking Barefooted on Fire", must have had a lot to do with it, especially as the fatter stunt was FREE.

The marquee for the show was a large one, capable of holding 200 people, and when Lenz arrived with several willing helpers including Max Andrews, his manager, Claude Manley, John Lloyd, Barry, the Magician, and Stanley Cattle, the professional touch was soon added. Up went the gaudily painted 12 ft. banner depicting flame throwing from the mouth, ail drawn in colours and with the title on it. Also a variety of other painted cloth banners with his slogans and the admission prices, were soon in position round the entrance.

A platform had been erected in the front and next to this they backed a small van they had brought with public address equipment installed. The lead was taken to the platform and one of Max's "Revolutionary" table stands with the centre rod taken out made a good stand for the 'roving microphone'.

Inside the marquee, at the far end was a shallow stage, with a canvas screen to the left, and here it was that Lenz assumed both his Oriental Costume and his Eastern Aspect! From now on he was a Yogi, surrounded by all his elaborate equipment for Fire Eating.

On the platform was a table, draped in eastern fashion with a Buddha design raised at the back, and on the front, permanently burning through the show was a small bowl of fire.

Crowds rolled in and the fun commenced Max on the 'barker's' p'atform in front gave the 'spiel' with the history of the Great White Yogi, his travels in India learning the secrets of the Fakirs, and of the Wondrous Feats that they would see if they came inside. The crowd soon gathered, a long queue was formed, and in they went. A gramophone inside played bizarre and exotic music, and the show commenced.

When it was half over, the appeal to the crowds was made again, and this time our friend Claude took over the 'mike', and made a lively speech that soon had another queue formed. The fact that at each show a £5 challenge was issued may have also added to the magnetic draw of the show. Lenz claims to 'set cotton wool alight by a look'! The public were invited to bring there own cotton wool into the tent, and when Lenz came to this part of the show if he failed to set their cotton wool alight whilst it was held at the fingertips, he would give them £5. At one show the challenge was taken up, and needless to say, the performer was none the worse off. It was very strange to see everyone in the audience being asked to think of flame and fire, and after a minute or so of concentration a tiny wisp of smoke emanated from the cotton, gradually developing into a thicker coil, and then a tiny flame. The flame grew until the performer magnetically drew the rays of heat away with his hand, and cast them aside, saying "From whence this flame came, so shall it return." Slowly it died away, and the cotton wool was handed out for inspection!

The shows were almost continuous until the evening. At 8 p.m. Lenz was due to do the Firewalk, and a great bonfire of solid timber had been lighted in a 16 foot trench in a large arena. By this time the luck we had had with the weather changed and a slight

Depicting LENZ at a previous "FIRE-WALKING" incident.

drizzle had set in. The vast crowd of nearly three thousand people were not to be deterred by this however, and were solidly in position long before the appointed time.

The loudspeaker was brought up to the arena, and from here Max gave an interesting talk on the history of Firewaiking in India, and describing the scene they were about to witness. Claude and Barry took turns to give the embers a final rake over to flatten the surface, and it was almost funny to watch them jump away from the fire after three pushes of the rake, whereas a matter of some ten minutes afterwards Lenz was due to walk along it barefooted.

Eventually Lenz arrived in full oriental Coat and Turban, and was greeted with enthusiastic applause. After a few preliminaries it was announced that he would prelude the walk with a demonstration of "Bloodless Surgery". As this had not been contracted for, they were naturally very thrilled. One of the committee members was invited to assist, and he examined the 10" long steel pins and stiIlettos that Lenz had brought. They were certainly not gleaming like the average doctor's instruments, but were dull old pieces, almost rusty. The assistants helped to push these through the fleshy part of his forearms, and for good measure he thrust the last one into his cheek and slowly and steadily the long point emerged through his mouth! The audience were electrified, but seemed to take it all in a good spirit and gave him a big hand. The instruments were then withdrawn by the assistants and one hardly need mention that there is absolutely no question of substitution of fekes here ... it is not a conjuring trick, for I know if it were, Max would sell it ! !

Then came the Firewalk! A call to the crowd brought an unknown chiropodist to examine Lenz' feet, and pronounced there was absolutely no preparation on them and, in fact, they were extremely soft. Standing poised by the fire for a moment or so, performing his Yogi Breathing, Lenz then set off and walked boldly at a normal pace down the length of the fire. Applause greeted this terrific performance and when he again came to the other end, for good measure he walked down it AGAIN ! !

This was sensational, after more applause an excited clamouring in the crowd started as they all chattered at once . Numbers pushed over to verify that the fire was really hot . . . and it was.

Lenz took his departure, and the show was over. Down came the Flashes on the tent, away went the now packed up show, and the willing hands made short work of the rest of the equipment, distributed in their three cars. Several weary men went home, happy in the knowledge that a job had been successfully done, and from the figures it would appear that the organising committee would never regret their big outlay to get a star attraction like LENZ.

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