George Blake

Card turned over now bears name of card cut at/

The pack at this time is held with the left hand . . . thumb on top, fingers underneath. Whilst you are asking him if he was free to insert the card where he wished, the left thumb moves lightly to the left drawing with it the top (force) card of the pack and exposing a corner of the second card from the top. The right hand now approaches the initialled card and grips it against the upper half of the pack between the fingers underneath and the thumb on top. The thumb however, does not engage the top (force) card of the pack. It rests on the exposed corner of the card next to the top. The right hand now moves away carrying with it the upper half of the pack resting on the large (initialled) card. As this is done the large card is tilted slightly upwards so that it hides from the audience the action of the left thumb which presses on the force-card and retains it as the rest of the upper packet is pulled away with the large card. The force card slides on to the top of the lower packet as the large card moves away . Thus in an indetectable manner you have added the force card to the top of the lower portion. You are all set to reveal this card as the "card cut at".

In the meantime, the spectators' eyes are foilowing the large card. As soon as it is clear of the lower portion of the pack, it tilts forward again thus exposing the initialled face to the audience. "You had a free cut," you say, tilting the large card even further forward and allowing the upper packet to slide off it and on to the table. The card is now rested momentarily on the table, initialled side uppermost. "Those are your initials", you say, "Now let's see what card you cut at".

The spectator is asked to remove the top card from the packet held in the left hand and shout out its name. "Two of clubs" he says. He is then to!d to turn over the large card after verifying his initials. There he finds the "ghostly prediction" which he reads out and acknowledges to be correct. He can keep the large card, you tell him, as a souvenir.

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