George Blake

chalk my name on the doorstep. Would you kindly inspect a good sample of printing, sir".

The cards are passed, one to each of five persons, care being taken to locate and remember the position of the marked card.

"Wou'd you, sir, kindly write on the back of the card the name of some well-known person who is living—don't write Frank Sinatra. Would you, sir, also please write the name of a living person. Thank you."

This is repeated until the person is reached who ho'ds the marked card.

"Just to be different, wou'd you, sir, please write on your card the name of a well-known person who is dead. Now would you be good enough to collect the card face downwards and shuffle them well. Thank you."

The cards are received by the performer and placed behind his back. The cards are passed slowly from hand to hand and the edges are felt carefully. The unmarked cards are exhibited first and the marked card produced last.

"I have a feeling that this card bears the name of a living person. Is that correct?"

Hand the card to some person to read, and repeat your actions with the remaining three unmarked cards. When the marked card is the only one left say.

"Strangely enough the last card bears the dead person's name, and as there is only one card left that must be correct".

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