George Blake

Max Andrews Esq., Dear Sir,

In the April issue of the "Magic Magazine' you printed an article by George Blake dealing with the 'Rice and Dagger' trick, which interested me.

His explanation of the mechanical working of this was scientifically correct and I would like to comment that those conjurers who are a bit dubious as to the likelihood of accidental failure, or those who have not yet been able to get the effect to work, might try packing the rice (which should be the cours-est material available) down as tightly as conditions will allow, and also, if they can, get hold of a steel rule, such as is used by engineers (the twelve inch size is probably the most suitable) and use this for the suspension rather than a highly polished article. Chrome plated knives, etc., tend to be 'frictionless' and would slip more easily than a rule. I hope I have not been too technical.

Yours faithfully,

E. W. j. MICHELL, (University Undergraduate)

P.S.—Would you kindly forward a copy of your latest catalogue No. 4 for which I enclose 5/-.


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