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P.S.—As I write this, a nice letter comes to hand from George Willis, of Mansfield, to the effect that, in presenting a note trick recently, he had a note offered him which was in such a dirty state that, had he accepted it, the difference between that and his duplicate note would have been spotted immediately. He used my "Unlucky" gag, mentioned in the February issue, and writes to say thanks for a wonderful 'out'. If you haven't had occasion to use it yet, the time may come, so—read it up and keep it in mind. —G.B.


"Two in the Hand"-'One in the Pocket"

This effect has been done so many times with sponge balls, that one gets tired of it, so here I revive the same effect using borrowed pennies. This routine was used by we old timers 30 years ago.

Three pennies are placed in a row upon the table . . . you openly place two in the left-hand, one at a time . . . close that hand and then place the third penny into the right trouser pocket. Upon opening the left hand there are THREE PENNIES, the trouser pocket may be shown empty, and the three coins can now be placed on the table and you are ready for the repeat . . . which you do several times.

All you require is the old Shell Penny (obtainable from Max). Borrow two pennies from spectator and you are set. You will have to work this routine first to realize the beauty of it.

Place the three pennies on the table and pick up as needed. Place the shell coin, with its nested coin in the left palm, with the shell next to the palm. Follow with one other coin.

Now close your hand and turn it over with knuckles up . . . the real penny will now fall out of its shell, thus making you have three "coins" in your hand. Hold the coins just loose enough to allow this, and when you open your hand you should show three coins on your fingers. (Shell and two coins). BUT before you show these three in the left hand, the right hand takes the remaining penny from the table and places it (apparently) in the right trouser pocket. Really you palm it, if you can't palm a coin, then just nip it in the thumb crotch. This grip allows you to open all your fingers with ease. Bring out the right hand and point to the three coins now in the left hand.

The right hand now approaches the left hand and apparently picks up one of the coins. What you really do is to slide the shell over its own coin and come away with the palmed coin at your fingertips. Apparently it's the third coin. This is placed on the table, then the second and third (shell and load). Place them in a row and you are set for a repeat.

Give the spectator one coin back, and carry on with this oldie of mine. Show a half-crown and a penny in the left hand. Now take the half-crown with right fingers and place it in your trouser pocket. Close the left hand holding the penny. Both coins instantly change places. Opening your left hand reveals the penny and the spectator feels in your pocket and takes out the half-crown.

No shell is used in this effect, but you require a penny. The head side of this penny is painted with SILVER paint (Woolworths). In your pocket have a genuine half-crown.

To work. Place fake coin silver head up. on the left hand as near finger tips as you can hold it. Now place the real penny (its edge only) on the fake and say here we have ONE PENNY and a HALF-CROWN. Now close the hand. This will cause the fake coin to turn over, bringing it copper side uppermost.

Pushing the right finger and thumb into the closed left hand take out the top coin of the two (this is the fake) saying "I take this penny and place it in this trouser pocket". (Keep coin flat so not to expose silver side). Don't leave the coin in your pocket, but thumb-palm it, bring out the hand and tapping the outside of the pocket, say, "The penny is now safe in this pocket". Your left hand, still holding the other coin tightly should be upright, about eye level.

Saying to spectator "I want you to grip my wrist here, very tightly . . . because I am going to make these two coins change places ! That is the half crown in this left hand will pass down this left sleeve across the body and into this right trouser pocket". Here you demonstrate how to grip your wrist and whilst doing so you let the FAKE coin drop down your left sleeve, thus getting rid of the fake. Spectator can now feel in your pocket and take out the real half-crown. You open the left hand and show the penny. If you want to repeat the effect just drop your left arm downwards and the fake coin will drop into your hand and you are set once again.

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