Geoffrey Dawe Lectures

It was interesting to learn from Mr. DAWE that there are so many varieties of SELLOTAPE available and that the ordinary glossy type is not always the best as it tends to reflect light too well and is also hygroscopic. This latter characteristic is akin to that of the regular at the local—absorbing a lot of moisture and becoming erratic in behaviour as a consequence. It appears that we now have the choice of a wide range of tapes such as transparent glossy, coloured, white, waterproof, fabric, etc. With the fabric variety for instance he showed how easy and cheap it is to make hinges and explained that, apart from ease of construction, such hinges had quite a long life.

Mr. DAWE certainly gave a most instructive lecture crowded with hints and I am sure every member present learned of something to his advantage.

Following an interval CLAUDE MANLEY took over to present his cabaret, first extending a club welcome to DOUGLAS FRANCIS who had looked in to see what the VAMPIRES had to offer. I am not sure whether he was signed up as a member—I rather think so.

First to appear was JOHN LLOYD. He did so much in the time at his disposal that it would be quite hopeless to go into details He made his entry with the MAX ANDREWS' FLASH WAND which certainly gives a fiery opening. I have been waiting to see this prop, working and I must say I was impressed. JOHN LLOYD, I think, covered almost every known

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