This year's International Congress is set to be held in one of the most romantic cities in Europe. Ths name of Geneva has for so long been connected with International Consultations, that one wonders what manner of magic it holds. Now is our chance to find out!

I first met Ch. E. Sauty-Rex, who is organiser in chief, at the International Congress in Paris last year, and what a tremendously successful gathering that was ! We still recall, happy memories of our adventures there, and our Swiss friends will have to work very hard to equal or beat it. He and his wife are very charming people, and although it is many years since I was last in Switzerland, I know that the charm of it's people is one of it's greatest assets.

I propose to give you verbatim the invitation which appears in English, French and Swiss on the Convention Prospectus, copies of which are obtained from the offices of "Magic Magazine". We have purposely not altered the text, as that has it's own individual charm!

The international Federation of the magical societies has asked the Magicians club of Geneva (which has just celebrated its 25th Foundation anniversary) to organise in 1952 the International Magical Congress, under the chairmanship of M. Dr. J. B. Kuartz. The general commissary is M. Ch. Emile Sauty (Prof. Rex).

After Paris (1947), Lausanne (1948), Amsterdam (1949), Barcelona (1950) and Paris (1951), the 7th Congress will take place in a new town, where magicians have never previously met.

Geneva, country of Prof. Magicus (Adolphe Blind) who was a great inventor of legerdemain after Robert-Houdin and of whom the extraordinary Museum still exists, will offer pleasure and satisfaction to the members of the Congress and so, because of its very good organisation.

The spirit of Geneva is specially nice. A fresh and agreable air blows over the Republic of Geneva; the old pavements, polished by the years are of an antique city which extended rapidly and counts now 200,000 inhabitants.

Geneva, which was formed by great men as Calvin, stimulated by the spirit of Rousseau or Voitaire, has defended its liberty fiercely in the past, to be member of the Swiss Confederation in 1814. From its flowery quais and verdant hills, Byron the great poet, admired the beautiful and charming country side of Geneva, crowned by the Mont-Blanc and the Alps.

Since the signature of the Convention of Geneva in 1864, since the beginning of the International Red Cross at the end of 19th century since the decison of Alabama in 1872, the foundation of Nations Society and the International Labour Office in 1920, Geneva is more and more the center of International realisations.

So, Geneva, town of Congresses and international meetings, with its blue lake between Jura and Saléve, rich of 2000 years of history, Geneva with its wonderful intercontinental Airport, with its United Nation's building and documents. Geneva with its Museums, its beautiful parks, is a real welcoming town.

The foreigner always appreciates the beauty of our town and its variety of aspects.

Come to the Geneva's International Magical Congress in 1952 and you shall certainly keep a very nice souvenir of it.

PROGRAMME Thursday, 11th September. Grand Casino: at h. 14.00 to 18.00 p.m.

Reception of the Members of the Congress or Congressmen. Distribution of the congressional material.

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