Gapers Tapers

by Ivor Cole

Have you yet acquired a set of Max's Tantalising Tapers? If you already are the happy owner of a set you may read on; if not, go and purchase a set now, and when you have stopped playing with your "newly acquired purchase", continue this article ..." BRAINWAVE No. 1.

Here is something really funny for those of you who also are the proud owners of Grotes Chaotic Candles—

Use it in conjunction with the tapers. Time your candle by adjusting the wick so that it takes sometime to fall. When, in the middle of your act you wish to light the candle, pretend to make a few unsuccessful attempts to light it. . ("unsuccessful" because you are holding the match nowhere near the wick!) . . . Eventually, in despair, light the Candle via Max's Taper—this old gag produces laugh No. 1 . However you are now all set to convulse your audience with laughter, because you "ad lib" with the taper, which in itself is very funny, because it just will not go out, and meanwhile the candle behind you has fallen and is burning the £1 note on the stand!—And you have a log;cal reason for not turning round to look at it, because you are "doing your best" to extinguish the taper.

Psychologically, this gag is perfect because the by-play with the Taper gradually builds up the laughs, and the fall of the candle provides the hilarious climax!

long. One soon discovers that she is an integral part of the show, a partner to Kalanag.

Gloria takes most things in her stride. Being sealed in sacks, fettered with chains, stabbed with knives and made to disappear almost every night, it takes a great deal to shake one, but one 'Disappearing' act had the star really worried. This was when the revue was being presented in Madrid, and Gloria did an unrehearsed vanish. She had been kidnapped !

She was prepared for her dash from the back of the stage to the front of the theatre, all part of the show, dressed in the minimum of sheer undies under a fur wrap. She got half way along her journey to the front of the house when she was suddenly seized, wrapped in a mantilla and pushed into a motor car! Kalanag, with presence of mind, finished the act alone. Only when the curtain rang down did he rush out to find her


Most of us use the "CAKE TIN" for our kiddies shows, whether the prop, be Max's super streamlined job or a rusty old dove pan bought at a sale.

To enhance this well-tried and evergreen effect use a TANTALISING TAPER to "BAKE" the cake, by holding the taper underneath the pan containing the 'ingredients". In the right hands the ensuing by-pay CAN (and has done in my case) bring down the house!

Finally friends, here are some of my pet gags they are yours if you want them:—

"It took over 20 years to discover RADIUM.

It took ovsr 20 years to discover HELIUM.

Now in 5 minutes, you are going to discover TEDIUM ! !"

Compere: "I used to be a member of a number of HARMONY ACTS".

Stooge : "HARMONY ACTS".

Compere: About half a dozen !"

If you don't understand that gag the first time read it again, and you get twice the value for your money !

"Ladies and gentlemen, I must tell you of the time I sawed my Lady assistant in halves:—"

"She stood there (point to spot on stage) wearing a beautiful long blue dinner dress . . . Would anybody like to buy a fine red and blue TWO-PIECE COSTUME?"

"At one show I used her in a levitation illusion. There she was suspended right in the middle of the air . . . But she was arrested for having no visible means of support".

Well folks, by now you must be saying the same as MAX'S TAPER said about the MATCH:

This chap gets on my WICK!

Meanwhile, a stage hand, strolling out to the fire escape for a quiet smoke, saw the kidnapping. But, he could only give the last two numbers of the car. The police were alerted, and within eight minutes. Sim Sala Bim, Gloria was back at the theatre. The young Spanish cavaliers ceded the honours to Kalanag and made amends by throwing a huge champagne party for Gloria after the show.

Kalanag guards his secrets well, as witness his precaution in having all his company sworn to secrecy, but here is a secret that he passes on to readers of the Magic Magazine. When you are watching the show, applauding or making comments, it may be that the manager will be sitting among you with a concealed tape recorder. For every new Kalanag show is put on tape, including even the audience reaction, to be studied and considered later.

Kalanag, may every success be yours.

Today the THUMB TIP has come to be regarded as an essential piece of magical apparatus. By its aid many fascinating results can be accomplished. and I do not think there is another gimmick in the entire realm of magic which could be put to so many or more varied uses.

The THUMB TIP. like any other secret gadget of the magician, must be handled discreetly and unobstrusively. Not only must its presence be concealed from sight, but at the same time no reason given to arouse suspicion.

Although the THUMB TIP had been for long a utility item in the kit of the practising magician. there were in the past certain drawbacks attached to it. The disadvantage with most of them has been their limited capacity, which would not permit the use for instance, of an appreciably sized silk. Max has recently placed a plastic THUMB TIP on the market which certainly overcomes this snag, and opens out a wider field for its employment.

The new THUMB TIP is more accommodating than its predecessors, and is craftily designed to suit most types of thumbs. However it is now my pleasure to describe some of my pet tricks with the THUMB TIP, and as these have been in my repertoire for many years you may be sure that they are all practical.

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