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Here is a fine exclusive which we have managed to obtain, and which we shall never repeat on. The essential principle on which it works has involved an elaborate process, and we feel that the time and trouble spent on this, would be too much for us to worry about at any time in the future. Therefore we are offering this as a ONCE ONLY ITEM ! We have less than fifty, not all assembled yet, but it is definitely a case of first come, first served.

Here is the general effect. The magician offers a pack of cards and allows two or three people to freely select a card themselves. These are replaced. Now a wooden tray and houlette are shown or examined, and the houlette is placed in the centre of the tray. In order to make everything as fair as possible, performer can even place a handkerchief over the tray to insulate it from the houlette. The pack of cards is dropped in and the audience are told the performer intends to make the chosen cards rise up out of the pack.

SLOWLY AND SURELY THE FIRST CARD RISES, WHILST THE PERFORMER ONLY HOLDS THE TRAY ! ! After this, cards and houlette can be removed, freely shown and replaced for the second card, which also rises very mysteriously. THE THIRD CARD RISES IN SIMILAR MANNER ! No trick cards. No threads of any kind. No clockwork. Absolutely different.



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PRICE 42/.

Just as we go to print, the sad news comes to hand of the passing of MAURICE HURLING, of Torquay, Devon. After an illness of ten days, due to heart trouble, Maurice passed away on August the 30th and our deepest sympathy goes out to his widow. We feel that others would like to pay tribute and we therefore give Mrs. Hurling's address: 229, Babbacombe Road, Torquay, Devon.

Though a magician of some standing, Maurice was better known for his contributions to the sister art of Ventriloquism, this perhaps being his greatest love. He was Vice-President of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists, and a Vice-President of the Society of Magicians.

Many Ventriloquial sketches have been published under his name, such as "Burlesque Second Sight", "Ventriloquial Titbits", "School Cheek", in addition to which he was the Author of "Ventriloquial Verbosity", "A short cut to Ventriloquism" and "The Concert Ventriloquist", and though Maurice is now gone from us, those tomes will live to perpetuate his name.

Maurice Hurling will be sadly missed in the Ventriloquial and Magical World.

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