Full Pack Spell

Now let us try something a little different, something which I think will interest you, and, something which, I firmly believe, has not appeared in print before. Still got your cards handy? Good.

Hold them face down in the left hand, as for dealing, and then commence to spell as follows, and on each letter, throw down one card. "A-C-E-T-W-O-T-H-R-E-E-F-O-U-R —F-l-V-E—S-l-X—" carrying on with the sDell right through the thirteen values, finishing up with j-A-C-K—Q-U-E-E-N— K-l-N-G—" As you throw down a card on the letter "G" of King you will find that you have no cards left, you have dealt all fifty-two of them ! !

WHICH MEANS TO SAY THAT THE LETTERS USED TO SPELL ALL THE THIRTEEN VALUES THROUGH FROM ACE TO K'NG JUST TOTAL 52, THE SAME NUMBER AS THERE ARE CARDS IN A PACK ! ' I found this out some time ago, while "playing" about with a pack of cards and a problem in location . Can it be used for anything worth while? The best I have managed to date is explained below.

Having had a card chosen and returned control it in your favourite manner so that it eventually arrives at the bottom of the pack, where, at a suitable moment, you sight it. Now, you commence to spell out the values as described above, BUT, instead of starting at The Ace, you commence at the value next higher than the sighted card. Suppose it to be a six.

Ponder for a moment and then say to the victim, "I am trying to get an impression of your card and I feel certain it is not a seven, therefore I will throw away S-E-V-E-N. Follow this with the eight, and run right on to King, then to the Ace and finally arrive at the S-l-X. As you spell out the last letter, hang on to the last card, which of course, is the chosen one, and which you turn up triumphantly as the victim names his card.

That's the best I can do for the moment. Someone with a little more time than I have might like to p!ay about with the idea and might come up with something good. You could, of course, arrange the pack so that at the end of every "value word" a card of that value reposed, to be turned face up when called or fully spelled. For instance, an ace would rest at number 3 down the pack, a two at number 6, and three at number 1 1 and so on, with the king on the bottom. You could then spell right through all the values, turning an appropriate card face up every time you completed a word. OR, maybe better still, you could spell down to any value called, commencing at A-C-E, and turn up a card of the chosen value, 'on the dot'.

Note too, that to spell through the Jack, Queen and King takes exactly thirteen letters. Might be useful! Anyway, try that 'playing about' I mentioned in last month's issue and don't forget to te'L me if you arrive at anything worth while.

Glancing over the amount I have typed I find that I have about taken up my allotted space, but I have plenty of 'Odds and Ends' left over, so I'll return to the subject in a future issue. Indeed, if you good readers can tolerate it, I might make it a now-and-again feature. What do you say? Oh—I almost forgot to ask you. HAVE YOU ANY ODDS AND ENDS' YOU WOULD LIKE AIRING? Should be g'ad to hear from you.

Yours Magically,

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