From Our Correspondent

British ventriloquists held their first convention here yesterday, under the auspices of the American-founded International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists. The event was organized by the brotherhood's only British vice-president, Mr. Maurice Hurling, of Babba-combe, Torquay, and was attended by 40 members, with their dummies.

Most interest was centred on the dummies, professionally known as "figures", and at the dinner there was a toast to them.

The reply was made by "Tony", assisted by Mr. Leslie Bennett.

An exhibition of the latest ventriloquial novelties included a talking skull, a Toby jug a Humpty Dumpty head, a head on a walking stick, and a handbag that could be turned into a ventriloquist's dummy. The convention ended with a cabaret by the members, at which new ventriloquial techniques were demonstrated.

EDITOR'S NOTE.—The items mentioned in heavy type are New "Vampire" items.

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