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The Amazing Frank Baumforth! From my personal contact with this Master of Magic, to give- him the credit that is his due, would require a far more eloquent pen than mine. A successful business man, partner in Baumforth and Carfitt, electrical, radio and T.V. engineers of Eckington, Sheffield, magic with a capital M is his hobby. Frank who is a comparative "youngster" in magic has only been practising the art only since 1941. Knowing this, on seeing his presentation one is left wondering how any man can attain so high a peak of magical perfection in so short a time. The answer surely is, only by sheer determination, hard work, and the courage to set a high ideal and attain it-

Seeing a performer vanish a birdcage Frank felt he could do the same- He has done all he saw then and much more. During the latter part of the war, he was V.E.S. Northern Command and worked incessantly for the services, doing hundreds of shows. I have known Frank long enough to know that here is a man who can rightiy claim to be, as he is quoted in these parts, "The Illusionist of Distinction".

In the large room over his shop, you can only just enter enough to close the door behind you. You might think you have dropped into a veritable Aladdin's Cave of magical gear, and you are indeed beholding what is claimed to be the finest private collection of magical apparatus in the country. Illusions that only a master could present including Sawing Through, one girl and two girl models, to his own design, The Genuine Maskelyne Sword Box, Choppers, Human Penetration, Thayer's Reincarnation, Girl from Nowhere, Clock of Torture, Transit of Venus, Headless Woman and many others-Two walls are occupied by glass cases which contain every possible magical appliance. A novel feature is that the walls and ceiling are papered all over with posters of Frank's presentations.

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