Four Aces and a Joker



Effect.— This is a very unusual prediction feat. Performer states that recently he was practising card effects while listening to a radio news broadcast. At the finish of the broadcast a peculiar thing happened. He offers to duplicate the experience, borrows a pack of cards, removes and discards the joker and any guarantee cards, then requests someone in the audience to take pencil and paper and write down the actual broadcast as he dictates it, as follows:

"America Calling. Execution Of French Communists Looks Unmistakable. British Shell Nazi Infantry Now Entering Fianders. Russia Occupies Manchurian Territory Over Protest." Performer now asks any spectator to name, his favourite news commentator. This spectator is given the deck and is asked to spell out the chosen name, dealing one card from top of deck for each letter. At the end of this spelling routine, spectator turns up last card dealt, notes and remembers it, then replaces it face down in deck and shuffles all the cards thoroughly. (Performer does not see chosen card.) Performer then takes pack and spreads it face up before the spectator's eyes, reminding him that he shuffled the deck and that the selected card is lost somewhere in the deck. Then spectator in charge of broadcast is asked to call back the first letter of each word in the text, which performer repeats, as follows:

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