Four Ace Trick


This version of the evergreen classic can be performed by any member of your audience with the pack in his hands. At the conclusion he will still remain quite mystified as to how he has done it!

METHOD AND PRESENTATION : A spectator is asked to remove the four aces from the pack and to place them in a row face downwards on the table. Whilst the aces are being removed the performer privately notes and remembers the bottom card of the pack in the assistant's hands. We will assume this to be the queen of hearts. The assistant is now told to deal three cards on to each of the aces, also face downwards. He then gathers them up himself and places them on top of the remainder of the pack. He is then asked to cut the pack and to complete the cut.

(NOTE.—This can be done more than once provided the pack is cut an odd number of times).

The assistant next deals four cards in a line from the top of the pack, but faces up this time and then continues to deal a card on each packet, all face up. The performer meanwhile watches out for the key card (queen of hearts) to appear. It will usually come up about half way down the pack; when it is dealt the performer knows that each ace is the fourth card from the top of the pack in the assistant's hands. Immediately the performer sees the key card he says: "Excuse me, just put the pack down for a moment, Sir. I will make the trick a little more difficult by asking you in which of these four packets you would like the aces to appear ". The assistant lays the pack on the table and the performer takes the top card from it and points with it to each of the four packets as he says: "Select any one you wish".

To conclude the effect proceed as follows:—

IF PACKET No 1 or 4 is chosen:— The performer replaces the card he is holding back on to the assistant's pack. To bring the aces to packet No. 1 the assistant is told to start dealing the cards from his pack FACE DOWNWARDS one on each of the face up packets on the table, STARTING AT PACKET No. 4 (See Fig 1).

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