A spectator is asked to cut a pack of cards and then deal out three cards in a row, face down, A B and C. He is asked to repeat this by dealing further cards on these, slightly lower and to continue thus until he has three columns of cards with about 10 in each.

He is now requested to chose any one card from each cofumn, to note the cards and to seal them in an envelope, which he choses from a packet offered him for the purpose. On the outside of the envelope he notes the names of the cards and then places this in his pocket.

The performer now emulates the assistant, by taking any three cards, one from each column, placing them in an envelope, sealing same and writing on the outside the names of the three cards HE has taken.

Now a transposition takes place, the spectator finding in his envelope the three cards that the magician chose, and the performer, on opening his envelope displays the three cards chosen by the spectator.

The requirements and the method are very simple. A three way forcing deck is needed, the three cards running in sequence throughout the pack. For the sake of illustration, let us say that they are the 5, 6, and 7 of clubs. Thus, the cards will run 5, 6, 7, 5, 6, 7, of clubs right throughout the pack.

A packet of envelopes, the bottom one of which has three different cards sealed within, say the Ace, King, Queen of Diamonds, which three cards the performer has memorised. A pencil is also in readiness upon the table.

As described in the effect the spectator cuts and deals the cards into three columns, by dealing three cards straight across in a row, and repeating the deal on these, until there are about 10 cards to each column. From each column he takes any one card, and thus he is bound to get rhe 5, 6 and 7 of clubs.

He chooses an envelope from the packet as it is offered to him, seals up the cards and replaces the envelope on top of the packet, which you obligingly hold forward for that purpose. Reaching over to the table, to obtain rhe pencil, the packet of envelopes is reversed, and the spectator writes the names of his cards, 5, 6 and 7 of clubs, not on his own envelope, as he believes, but on the one which the performer had previously loaded with the Ace, King and Queen of diamonds.

The performer now selects (?) three cards, one from each column, and as we now know he too is bound to take the 5, 6 and 7 of Clubs, but, having sealed them in his envelope he is careful to write on the outside of same the names of the three cards he has memorised.

It now remains for the magician to work up to the climax making as much as he can of the transposition of the chosen cards.

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