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Dennis was born in the small village of Susworth, near Scunthorpe, Lines. His father is a farmer and is very interested in magic. When Dennis was about seven years old, his father sent away for a box of conjuring tricks, and he started entertaining at parties and concerts. Dennis used to go with him sometimes, and sit in the audience.

When Dennis was about 15 he went to Blackpool for a holiday and happened to find a magic shop there. He was so interested he used to go to this shop every day, and bought numerous sma'l tricks, and the Evaporated Milk Trick. This was the first real 'large' trick and he thought it was wonderful. He started buying several tricks each week, and later commenced giving small shows at home, and at parties. His father discontinued his own acts, as he thought some of Dennis's tricks much better than his !

In April, 1945, he was called up into the army and during that time did not give any shows, as he thought he was not yet confident enough to entertain in public.

In 1948, he felt he was no longer interested in his job of farming, and could not decide on any other occupation. For two years he stayed on the farm, working part time in the office, as his father now had over 2,000 acres to farm and there was a lot of clerical work to be done. During this time he kept adding to his collection of tricks and spent all his ^pare time practising.

At Christmas 1948, he entertained 600 children at a factory in Gainsborough, Lines, and this was the first time he had been on any real stage. The act went very well, and this started him thinking; could be make a living at magic ?

In 1950 however, his chance came, for his father let the farm for a period of five years. He decided to write to a few adverts in The Stage and later got an offer to go to Gt. Yarmouth for the summer season, at the

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