Louis S. Histed

Here is an item which yy/iH enable you to really enhance your reputation. The effect on the audience is really 'out of this world', and can be presented under such open handed conditions that it is virtually impossible.

A pack of cards are riffle shuffled and well mixed, and two members of the audience are invited to assist. The first one withdraws a card from wherever he likes in the pack, no forcing. Then the second spectator does likewise . . . you can even let him shuffle the pack himself if he likes ... so long as they are both satisfied that the choice is free.

Each of them is requested to place his card in an unprepared envelope. The performer exhibits a small plastic stand, like a houlette but with a panel front and back. The two envelopes are dropped inside. Performer explains that the box has been used to enable him to get perfect FOCUS on the centre of the envelopes . , . and this he does by gazing at the diamond pattern in the middle of the stand.


Please bear in mind the following points:—

1. Cards are not marked in any way.

2. Performer does not get a 'peek'.

3. No confederates^ codes or signals used.

4. No sleight of hand required.

5. No switching of cards or envelopes.

6. Practically self working.

At the finish the envelopes are opened and the performer's statements verified the cards being shown to the audience.


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