Floating skull

Illustrated Routine by Eddie Joseph

Here is something brilliantly new and different. A SKULL THAT FLOATS ALL ROUND YOU !

This is a realistic life-sized skull, and gives a truly eerie effect. The skull rises up from the hands . . . moves around ... decends to the feet . . . floats right round behind you and back. Dozens of bewildering effects possible. No stage set up, yet entirely under your control. No coverings or gfmmicks. The skull will float all round the stage.

At the finish it jumps from a low position up into your hands and can be freely shown in full lighting.


I worked this in my own children's Show for many years, so I can tell you from first hand knowledge that this is the kind of humour the kiddies realty appreciate.

Nothing clever about this. Just honest to goodness kid stuff. At anytime in the show, when you have a child up helping you, have the trick fail to work, and you search in vain for the reason. Then you realise his hands are dirty. You take up a nice clean towel (shown both sides) and wipe his hands. Imagine their horror when they see the black hand marks. This at once gives way to a burst of hearty laughter of course!

Just the littlle extra gag you have been looking for.

price 8/6

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