The beauty of this trick is that nearly everything can be borrowed and there is a disarming spontaneity about it all. Yet none of the usual effects with these articles are attempted. Its keynote is surprise—at the sheer impossibility of what happens.

You will need the following props—a pencil, handkerchief, piece of string about a foot long, and cord or ribbon about a yard and a half long. Tie the piece of string to one end of pencil. To the free end of string tie a toothpick or match-stick. This is your fishing pole.

Now pick up cord and have it examined. Borrow a wedding or plain ring and thread it in middle of cord. Next borrow a handkerchief which you spread out on table. Place the cord with the ring diagonally across the handkerchief. Now roll up the handkerchief which manoeuvre hides the ring within the folds of the rolled-up handkerchief.

Now tie the handkerchief in a loose over-hand knot with a ring in the middle of knot. Let the audience feel the ring within the knot. When you have returned to your table, tighten the knot. This movement brings the ring outside the knot, that is, to the right of the knot.

To the audience it appears that you merely tightened the knot, but, in fact, you have allowed the ring to escape from the knot.

By JOSE ABLANC (Singapore)

With the ring free it is an easy matter to work the ring along the string until it is clear of handkerchief and safely hidden in your right fist which is holding cord. You covet-up this movement of working out the ring during the time you call for two assistants whom you request to stand one on each side of you.

Give the left end of cord to your assistant on your left; and the right end to assistant on your right. As you do this, your right hand (which has ring) slides along the cord to its end. Then request your assistant on your right to grasp cord. When assistant grasps the cord you slide the ring off the cord and palm it.

Now pick up your fishing rod (pencil with tied string) and announce that you will try magically to extract the borrowed ring from the handkerchief and catch it on the string. The end of the pencil grasped in your right hand is inserted into the palmed ring. Wave the pencil over the handkerchief, and during the third swing give the fishing rod a jerk, allowing the ring to slide down the pencil and string. This should be done very fast; the ring appears at the end of the string in a flash, and its sudden appearance surprises the crowd.

Approach the spectators with the ring dangling from the fishing line, take off the ring and take your bow.

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