First Sleight

Take the cigarette in right hand as shown in illustration I, one extremity of cigarette being clipped between tips of middle and ring finger, the other end pressed against tip of the thumb.

It is very important that first and little finger of this hand are stretched. The left hand seizes the cigarettes in such a way that the fingers of that hand arrive between the spread first and middle finger of the right hand (illustration II). In this position, viz. as soon as cigarette is out of sight, the two fingers holding the cigarette bend in quickly, bringing the free end of the cigarette against the right palm. The left hand is moved away and is closed at the same time. First and little finger of the right hand, palming the cigarette, are now extended (illustration III) and the first finger points to the closed left hand which apparently contains the cigarette.

By covering the right hand it is possible to execute this particular manipulation with great speed, increasing the effect considerably.

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