Final Notes

In the standard version of the Ropes and Rings three boys are usually employed: one tied in the chair and the others holding the ends of the ropes. When using elastic bands, however, it is better to obtain the assistance of two men so that, at the conclusion of the trick, these bands will be held high above the level of the boy's head. Futhermore, there will be no danger of one of the bands being released from an assistant's fingers and striking the child in the face *

In para. 6, I stated that the costume should be tied to the bands by means of a single knot. If this knot is made at the extreme end of one of the shoulder straps, there will be no need to untie it as instructed in para. 17. It can easily be "jerked off", and this will save a few precious seconds and some unnecessary fumbling. I consider this a valuable tip.

Of course I know that the production of a string of sausages is "inartistic", but it always raises a laugh, and forms a good climax to the routine just described.

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