(The misdirection of the right hand index finger pointing to the left fist lies in the performer asking the audience to try and see the penny "fly across to the other hand")

PRESENTATION : To commence, the florin is shown in the open right hand and the three pennies in the left. The right hand is then closed holding the florin firmly palmed. The three pennies are next picked up from the feft hand and held by the first and second fingertips of the right hand in a fan. This position is illustrated in Fig. 3. The first two pennies are actually dropped one by one into the open palm of the left hand, the second coin falling on top of the first and making an audible "clink". The third penny is heard to apparently fa I f on the other two, but it is here that Sleight No. 1 is made'and the florin falls on to the penny as explained; the illusion of the coin falling into the left hand is perfect.

As the two hands separate the right hand fingertips close inwards and the two coins (florin and penny) are gripped in the palm. The penny will be the outside coin. Now by relaxing the palm very slightly the florin (being the smaller coin of the two) will fall back into the curled fingers bent to receive it leaving the penny palmed in the ordinary way and all is in readiness to perform sleight No. 1 again in a moment. At this point of the trick the audience believe that there are three pennies in the left hand and a florin in the right; the performer now asks them to listen as a coin flies to the right hand. Sleight No. 1 is made again and the "clink" of the falling coin is heard. (This time it is the palmed penny falling on to the florin). The right hand is then opened disclosing two pennies only and in the other hand a florin plus a penny. As these two latter coins are being shown the left hand closes and one of the pennies therein is slid with the fingers into the position at the base of the palm where it is held by the extreme edge by the second and third fingertips. (FIG. 2 "A"), in preparation for making sleight No. 2. Closing the right hand except for the index finger the performer points to the left hand fist asking the audience to try and see another coin f'y across.

Sleight No. 2 is executed, the hands are again separated and another coin is heard to arrive in the hand by allowing the two coins to fall against the penny just stolen from the left hand. Both hands are opened showing one penny only in the left and the two pennies and a florin in the right hand.

The concluding effect is the passing of the last penny into the right hand and the florin into the left. The florin is secretly loaded into the left hand in the following way.

In showing the three coins in the right hand see that the florin is on top of the two pennies. Then place the tip of the right thumb on top of it, the three coins being held in the finger-palm position. Now hold the single penny in the left hand flat against the tip of the right hand forefinger and with the right hand thumb slide the florin behind it. Immediately place these two coins (as one) back into the left hand, holding them between the thumb and fingertips all round the edge. Now, by bending the left hand thumb sligVrtfy inwards the florin, being the smaller coin, will drop on to the curled left hand fingers. The left hand is then closed and the penny slid into the position shown in Fig. 2 (A) in readiness for the steal . Care must be taken here that the two coins do not "talk". The right hand index finger now points to the opening in the left fist at the thumb side and steals the penny as in Fig. 2 (B). During this move the performer says to a spectator "just place your finger in there and feel the penny".

It is of course the florin his finger touches. To finally conclude let the two coins in the right hand fall against the penny just stolen making a "clink". Open the right hand and show three pennies. In the left hand is the florin !

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