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Four Aces and a Joker by ARTHUR LEROY


This is another two deck miracle. The idea was developed by Moe, of Pittsburgh, one of the best card men of all time. I have changed it slightly from the way he showed it to me.

Effect.— Borrow two decks from audience. Ask three spectators to assist. One deck is handed to one of these assistants and he is asked to deal cards into three piles, face down. He may deal them several at a time to start, if he wishes, but should make an effort to have three piles, when completed, about even. Performer leaves room, taking other deck with him. While performer is out of room, each of the three spectators places his finger on one of the three packets. Each pushes the top card of his packet off to one side, but does not look at it as yet. Each then removes any card from his packet, turns it face up, replaces it, still face up, anywhere in packet, then looks at card which was pushed to one side, replaces it anywhere in packet, shuffles packet, turns face up card face down once more, reshuffles and adds his cards to the other two packets. The entire deck now is shuffled once more, thereby hopelessly losing the three selected cards.

Performer returns to room and places his deck on table in plain sight. He then picks up spectators' deck, runs through it and places three cards face down, side by side, on the table. He then discards balance of spectators' deck and picks up his own deck. He turns up top card. (For example, suppose it has 8 spots on it.) He counts down eight cards in his deck and turns up the next card, which proves to be one of the selected ones. He places this face-up on the table, in line with one of the three face-down cards. This card now is turned face up, and IT MATCHES. Put aside the cards counted off top of deck. Now turn up second card from the two face-down ones remaining on table. It proves to be another of the selected cards. Spell off its name, one card for each letter, from performer's deck and, on the last letter, turn up card, which proves to be a duplicate of the one on the table. For the last card, turn up top card of performer's deck and follow same procedure as you did with the first of the three cards.

Match this with the remaining face down card on table to prove that you have located all three cards IN DUPLICATE.

Method.— Follow directions carefully and you will have a real miracle which needs only a little showmanship to make it truly sensational. When you borrow the decks, note and remember the bottom three cards of the deck you intend for spectator use. Shuffle, leaving these three cards still on bottom. As spectator deals out cards, suggest that he deal five or six at a time until you see that about two thirds of deck has been dealt. Then you leave room, as you tell him to deal one at a time. Thus you ensure that the top card of each pile dealt will be one of those three you memorized. While absent from the room, locate the three duplicates and arrange them in the order you want for your climax, at the proper places in your deck. While the method is extremely simple, the misdirection is such that it is practically impossible for the audience to "catch on".

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mind taking hold of your coin again, sir through the folds of the handkerchief. You can still feel it, can't you? Now sir, (to the R.H.A.) would you mind holding your penny high in the air so that everyone can see it. Thank you. (1).

"To further preclude the possibility of the coin vanishing without your knowledge, would you mind holding the lower folds of the handkerchief, sir, just about here. Thank you. Now would you point the 'coin' you have covered and which you are holding at the penny which is being held by yonder spectator. I wonder what yonder spectator is thinking? He already has the penny for his thoughts. If I borrow that penny for a moment perhaps he'll change his thoughts."

"Now you, sir, are sure that nothing can get in or out of your handkerchief. (This to L.H.A.). Good. Well, just watch this penetration. If you listen you'll hear it penetrate."

"Did you hear it drop in? Now we must check up to see if the half-crown is still there Would you mind opening up the handkerchief, sir. Thank you. The half-crown is still there —and the penny as well. Thank you."

Ail Incredible Separation by JOHN LEE M.M.C. and Member of the Rhodesian Magical Society PHANTOM LIQUIDS THAT APPEAR, MIX AND SAY GOOD-BYE

Why is it that tricks with liquids are always popular and capture the imagination? Probably because liquids, like the glass which usually ho!ds them are regarded as impossible things with which to conjure. Or it may be that liquids are refreshing to look at !

Anyway, here is something that will make an audience open its eyes. It has the double advantage of being a close-up trick, and one of those satisfactory things that defeat the "wise" ones who jump to a solution which is entirely wrong !

You've got a Phantom Cocktail Class, of course. If by any chance you haven't, ask Max about it and you will at once realise how well this trick widens it's value. Not only can you make wine appear as from nowhere, but you can make it mix with water, then separate it from the water, and finally make it disappear altogether.

All you need is the innocent-looking Phantom Cocktail Class, a small jug of water and a little wine, or other coloured liquid. Hold the glass in the Right hand and show it empty. Pick up the jug of water with the Left hand and pour a small quantity into the glass taking up about half an inch. Replace the jug on the table.

With a circular motion of the Right hand, swill the water round inside the glass, and then (doing the necessary) produce the wine. The wine will appear to be mixing with the water. Continue the motion until the wine

HURRY ! HURRY 11 HURRY Ml cf yju wish to S3cure a Hotel Booking for the BriHsh Ring Convention — September 25th-28th. AT HASTINGS

We hear that the I.B.M. (British Ring) Convention at Hastings towards the end of 'September is likely to be a big event in all departments of its organisation. New features ere to be included with a private display of Television c ose-up magic. This is the first time in this country that a demonstration of this type has been presented. There are lectures by Fred Lowe and Peter Warlock; Magic Films; the New Era Comedy Magic Show, and this year, a special programme by Scottish magicians—"Scotland Entertains".

has reached a higher level than the water. Now, keep the hand still.

A handkerchief may then be used to cover the glass. When it is removed, the wine has disappeared, thus knocking sideways the knowing ones who concluded that it was all a matter of chemicals. This is one of the chief delights of this trick. The water may be thrown out to show that the glass is genuinely empty.

If you prefer a visible vanish of the wine, continue the circular motion mentioned above until the wine has all gone. Then hold the hand quite still. To some people, the visible vanish is more startling. To others, the use of the handkerchief—an impossible object in which to conceal a liquid—opens up an additional line of wonder. You might then produce the wine from the handkerchief as a climax.

From even a short distance, the illusion is perfect and easy to accomplish since the Phantom Cocktail Class can be so readily and naturally manipulated.

The trick lends itself to several lines of patter and presentation. For example—wine thinks itself superior to water; never attempt to mix your drinks; wine goes to the head whilst water is always with us! Or you can go all pseudo-scientific and argue (amusingly, we hope) about how water always finds its own level, whereas wine is an ethereal thing and very difficult to control!

Fogel is bringing his novei "Ghost Show" as a midnight feature, and he will also appear on the grand Gala show which also promises to be a big success. Suzy Wandas from Belgium; Mareiles Marionettes and Frank Boynettj are others who have a'ready been engaged.

Mystic Craig is bringing over a special trophy for the ladies to be competed for in the annual competition for the British Ring Shield and there promises to be a veritabe feast of magic in such popular shows as "Children's Piaytime" and the Magic Cabaret. Definitely it is going to be something not to be missed. The dealers of course will have their own Exhibition.

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